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Road to Dreamland: Uplifting & Enchanting New Storybook Empowers Children to Pursue Their Dreams, Defy Their Age and Embrace Their Potential

T.T. Touray’s ‘Road to Dreamland’ sends a bold message to all children and their parents – life is about achieving dreams, believing in one’s self and never letting age hamper potential. Through a spellbinding story involving three best friends and their beloved animals, young children are urged to identify what they want out of life and pursue it with gusto.


Everett, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2014 -- There's no way to sugar coat it; millions of children fail to achieve their dreams either because they don't believe in themselves, or because adults tell them they're not capable. Author T.T. Touray is fighting back with a powerful and potentially life-changing new children's book that puts nothing between children and their full potential.

'Road to Dreamland' deploys the allure and time-tested therapy of story as a way of pushing children to pursue anything they want out of life.


The dedication, devoting, courage, good sportsmanship, of three brave best friends Teeky, Max and their dog Picky who not only show everything, and anything is possible if you just believe and have faith as well as the true value of friendship inspiration is about. They proof that ago is just a number; it doesn't matter how young or old are you. If you have a dream don't sit around and wait for it to come to you, go out and pursue it, make it happen; you can achieve anything you put your mind into. They went above and beyond their expectation through the widest forest to the most magical place in the world to make their dreamed come true and along the ways. They gave spirit of friendship and encouragement to their two newest friends they met through their long journey Mr. Elephant and Squirrel.

"These days, children need all of the strength and encouragement that they can get," admits Touray. "This book spoon-feeds it to them in a way that is fun, exciting and actually meaningful. Bravery and boundless tenacity are attributes that are sadly dwindling with today's young generation, but I'm using a heartfelt story to infuse it into their daily lives so they can embrace it."

Continuing, "But the message doesn't reach out to just children. Often, adults hamper the dreams of children by not allowing them the space to dream, explore and carve their own unique place in the world. The story of our three lovable best friends calls on all adults to extend encouragement to their children and dependents. It's vital that they offer support, encouragement and guidance. With those in place, anything is possible."

With the holiday season fast approaching and the book making a perfect gift, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

'Road to Dreamland', published by Xlibris, is available now: http://bit.ly/1ywBU0y, On online retailers Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Childrensbookstore online, wordery online bookshop etc.

About T.T. Touray
I was born and raised in Gambia, West Africa on May 15 1991. I came from a typical Africa traditional family in the both sides of the family, who values tradition and culture very much. I'm the third of the nine children.. I move with my elder sister to the United States of America in Anchorage Alaska to join our parents in April of 2007. I graduate from Bartlett High in Anchorage Alaska in May of 2010 that same year I attend the University of Alaska Anchorage for two years, now I currently enrolled in Grand Canyon University.