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Pushing Double Nickels: Larger-Than-Life Californian Shares "Fifty Lesson from Fifty Years" in New Book; Empowering Readers to Make Positive Life Changes

From quitting smoking to overcoming obesity, excelling at public speaking and becoming a true business success - Bradley Fischl has achieved it all without forgetting how. In ‘Pushing Double Nickels: Fifty Things I've Learned in Fifty Years’, Fischl shares his story and eighty compelling life lessons in the hope that readers will embrace real solutions for making positive life changes. The author’s wisdom is eclectic, boundless, and contains something for everyone.


Tustin, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/16/2014 -- There's no way to sugar coat it; Bradley Stewart Fischl was once an obese couch potato with a 30+ year smoking habit who, while for over a quarter-century excelled as an Information Technology leader, found his personal health spiraling out of control. In a miraculous transformation Fischl quit a 31 year cigarette habit, shed over 100lbs, gained control of his Type II Diabetes, manages chronic back pain and now embraces a healthy, happy and ethical life with gusto.

In his new book, 'Pushing Double Nickels: Fifty Things I've Learned in Fifty Years', Fischl shares the interesting, illuminating and life-changing lessons he has learned. The bottom line? That anyone can change their life for the better, improve their health, and increase their happiness. And most important, dreams can come true if you work hard enough to make them happen.


Obesity is an epidemic in America and worldwide. This former IT industry veteran shares his cautionary tale (and success!) with his personal fight against obesity and smoking cigarettes. Including tips on living with Type II Diabetes, chronic pain, and a host of other things that he has learned in his 55 years on this planet so far, Pushing Double Nickels has something for everyone.

Here are a few of the "50 Things" covered in this book:

A simple long-term way to lose weight permanently, How to quit cigarettes forever on the first try, The advantages of being an optimist, Advice and tips on Public Speaking, Advice for Business Professional, Why Mystery Shopping is no mystery, You can improve yourself at any age!, Why you are connected with everyone on Earth, 80 total life lessons, interesting facts, and much food for thought, along with hundreds of web links for further information.

"Pushing Double Nickels" is meant to educate, illuminate, and motivate you into doing something positive for yourself, a loved one, your community, and your planet. Positive change is something that everyone can do beginning at any age. All it takes is the desire to improve and the self-motivation to make the long-term lifestyle changes necessary to accomplish your goals.

Short-term fixes such as surgery, diet plans or programs, diet pills or shakes, etc. will only work for a "short" time. More often than not if the weight returns because the person did not make the long-term, lifestyle changes required for lasting results. What is needed is a way to live that you can continue to do for decades and for the rest of your life. Diet control is the key factor. All the diet plans and exercise in the world can't undo taking in more calories than you burn off.

We are all in this together but, making positive changes to humanity require making those changes individually first.

"You're hard pushed to find another book tackling everything from caring for the environment to animal rights, bullying and tips for maintaining healthy life and working habits," admits the author. "But I've been exposed to each of them, often learning the truth the hard way. My goal is to now remove some of the trial-and-error for people by sharing my 50+ years of hard-learned lessons and insights to help people make the personal lifestyle changes to make them healthier, happier, and motivated to help others do the same. After all, we are all in this together."

Continuing, "It's a microcosm of the hope and optimism that really should be the backbone of humanity; rather than the fear, uncertainty, and health epidemics that seem to rule the world. Every reader will find something for them within the book's pages, so do yourself (or a loved one) a favor and get a copy now."

Readers agree, leaving a string of positive reviews. For example, Susi comments, "This book has a lot of information on many topics. I found it easy to read and understand. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight, quit smoking, loves animals, and wants to be more healthy and happy."

'Pushing Double Nickels: Fifty Things I've Learned in Fifty Years', is available now:

Hardcover ISBN: 9781499047134
Softcover ISBN: 9781499047141
E-Book ISBN: 9781499047158

About Bradley Stewart Fischl
Bradley Stewart Fischl has been an Information Technology industry pioneer and leader since 1988. He is also the President of the California-based Non-Profit Organization "No More Butts Foundation" which is dedicated to educating people about the damage from and the elimination of toxic waste, with specific attention to the largest source on the planet - cigarette litter. As a trusted advisor and leader in IT training, Fischl worked with hundreds of organizations both large and small, as well as individuals and small groups on their own to help them all achieve their Information Technology training and career goals. He has extensive experience with Non-Profit Organizations at local, regional, and national levels, he is an accomplished public speaker, environmentalist, human and animal rights activist, retired Cub Master, former Marine, and the father of two-legged and four-legged children. He currently resides in Orange County, CA. You can view his highly lauded professional profile on LinkedIn - http://www.linkedin.com/pub/brad-fischl/0/1b2/226/