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Michael B. Has Just Released a New Video About Getting Well Paid Oil Field Jobs in Texas


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2014 -- Michael B. has just released a new video about getting well paid oil field jobs in Texas , so that people looking for jobs in the oil industry in Texas, Houston or Dallas, to be able to get a stable oil and gas job easily.

M. B. has never worked in an oil field job in Texas, however, because he is a driller on an oil rig and he is good friends with a lot of people working in the oil industry, and since he has been living in the south of Texas for the last 2 years, he has figured out what men in need on oil rig jobs in Texas must do.

He was offered an oil and gas position in Houston, but since he would have to work isolated from his family, for half of the year, he better chose another oil field job on an oil rig, because it paid almost $30.000 more per year, so he figured  that since almost everything was the same, is was better to get more money.

The only difference was the fact that he spent 2 days travelling to the oil rig, but since all the costs were supported by the oil company he was working for, it was really worth it.

MB decided to more in Texas because of the perfect climate, and the fact that all year round it is warm. And during the 6 months he spends home, not working on the oil rig, he made lots of friends over the next few years, mostly guys that he met in bars, gulf club and associations. All these guys were working in the oil field jobs, and so learned how got their jobs.

He was really surprised to learn that they used the same recruitment agency that helped him get a job. And some of them used the same tricks he used on his cover letter and resume, and since most of the big oil companies have offices in Texas, it was easy for them to get a job.

Since he already made his website, all about the keys of developing a successful oil and gas career, he decided to make a video about how to get an oil field job in Texas, because it is quite easy for people living in Texas to get a job fast, mainly because all the major oil and gas companies have offices in Texas.

So, for the people who want and oil and gas job in Texas, and want to learn the best tricks for getting one fast, they should watch the video, and them follow all Michael tips to have a successful oilfield career.

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After having worked for 8 years in an oil rig job, Michael has advanced to driller, and now, he makes over $120.000 per year. Now he will share his knowledge and help other get an oil rig job as well.

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