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A and M Reputations Launches New Services to Help Clients Survive Marketing Shift

Properly managing and marketing reputations will reinforce traditional efforts to maintain a strong online presence, publishes amreputations.com


Waterloo, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2014 -- According to reports from internet research company Netcraft, more than 850 million businesses are now online, up 350,000 from last year. Though this is celebrated news among consumers who are constantly seeking greater diversity in their goods and service providers, the skyrocketing competition is certainly disheartening for business owners around the globe. With the changing landscape of the online world in mind, Marwan Areibi of A and M Reputations has launched the elite SEO Company Waterloo's newly extended line of services.

Areibi elaborated, "The face of online marketing is constantly evolving, which makes maintaining an online presence quite a bleak undertaking for most business owners. As if typical advertising and search engine optimization weren't enough for the entrepreneurs of the world to worry about, the ratings and reputations of every company are now readily visible to anyone browsing online. In order to help our clients make the most of this latest change, we have broadened our Marketing Services Waterloo to cover reputation management and marketing."

Although marketing industry statistics differ slightly among various sources, all are in agreement in regards to the new-found emphasis on online reputation. More than 90 percent of consumers rely upon companies' ratings and reviews from fellow consumers as resolutely as the opinions of their close acquaintances. Along those same lines, the same percentage of online viewers believe a negative comment more freely than those that are positive. In light of these aspects of human nature, managing a business's reputation is more crucial than in previous years.

Initially, marketing experts and business owners alike feared the recent modifications in internet operations would render previous SEO and advertising efforts ineffective; however, the ballgame has taken a contrasting turn. SEO continues to be vital in maintaining a position among the first page of search engine results, meaning this practice remains crucial to visibility among potential customers. Advertising campaigns also remain critical though this is the industry sector most altered by the online metamorphosis.

In the eyes of the public, paid forms of advertising no longer hold as much weight as earned advertising; in fact, paid ads are at least 50 percent less effective than they once were. This is where business reputation plays the most substantial role. The boost in reputation created by positive reviews and 5-star ratings lends more credence to a company and its paid advertising efforts.

Concluded Areibi, "As the Online Marketing Company Waterloo businesses have come to rely on, we have helped numerous clients stand strong online and stand out above their competition through SEO, social media marketing and all other new developments arising. Our reputation management and marketing services are simply the latest step in these endeavors. We are proud to help our clients strengthen their online presence, create effective advertising campaigns and ensure their ratings and reviews accurately reflect the positive aspects of their businesses."

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