Speedticketbeaters.Com Says COPS Have Beaten Speeding Tickets Using Their Service


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2014 -- Speedticketbeaters.com is the most successful website for providing defense against speeding tickets in the USA. Their company helps thousands of clients per month to beat their speeding tickets, all over the USA.

One of the things Speedticketbeaters.com is most proud of is how often they receive testimonial emails from police offices, who have used the defense materials the company provides, to beat their own personal speeding tickets.

Speaking to the media, Pat Hanlon, a spokesperson for Speedticketbeaters.com told us: "We get emails from police officers, who hired us to provide them defense information to use against their own speeding tickets".

Hanlon then added: "We get similar requests from lawyers and judges sometimes too. It is amazing to be considered experts to the level that cops, lawyers, and judges, are asking us what to do!"

Speedticketbeaters.com provides simple, custom written defenses that customersin the USA take to court, to beat their speeding tickets.

They even offer a free initial consultation, to anyone that contacts them on their website.

About SpeedTicketBeaters.com
Speedticketbeaters.Com is a website that helps clients with speeding ticket defenses in any of the 50 states of USA. The company started operations in the year 2004.

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