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Nightly Internet Surfing, Social Networking and Screen Time Could Be the Next Silent Killer


Abbotsford, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2014 -- Late night web surfing, social networking, and binge watching Netflix are amongst hundreds of things people do on screens. Work and play time may be important, but research is now showing serious implications caused by nightly screen time habits.

Most people are familiar with the blue glow at night shining just inches away from their face from laptops, tablets, smartphones and TV's at night. According to a Harvard Medical study, this blue light exposure to people's eyes caused by screen time at night, can cause disruptions to their biological clock and suppress melatonin- a powerful hormone that flows naturally through everyone's bodies each night to regulate their sleep/wake cycles. Melatonin is also said to have anti-carcinogenic properties to help reduce cancer cell proliferation.

According to researchers, lower melatonin levels have shown links to higher risks of prostate cancer in men and increased risk of breast cancer in women.

Although most people know that devices such as tablets and smartphones emit blue light wavelengths which can seriously harm health, people are not likely to kick this habit. That's why companies like Melatonin Shades have come up with solutions to help battle this problem. However, the ideal solution still recommended by professionals is to turn screens off at least two hours before bedtime. Since this is not always possible, using Melatonin Shades at night can help.

On evolutionary terms, humans have slept under the night sky, near fire, or candle flames, and humans have adjusted to this red-orange light spectrum which signals the individual's brain to produce night time hormones. The sudden introduction of harsh blue light via screens and technology can now be considered as one of our societies' silent killers.

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