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The Marketing Heaven Creates Video Introduction to Contextualize Importance of Social Media Marketing

The Marketing Heaven has created an introductory video that outlines some of the key facts for businesses around the world to consider when promoting themselves on social media.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2014 -- Social Media is now a reality for more than fifty percent on the population, and it is a medium to both share and receive information, opinion, emotion and more. What is proving more difficult however is how businesses can effectively monetize social media, creating a fierce debate that all hinges on how to best engage an audience. Before that can even begin however businesses must amass an audience, and to do so, endorsement and popularity must already be strong. The Marketing Heaven helps people create robust presences on key social media sites so they can hit the ground running, and has just created a video to explain why this is essential to success.

In the new video, clever animations help convey key information about the changing nature of the social media and online marketplace, painting a clear picture in far less than a thousand words about the potential gold rush for companies who have a robust presence on social media outlets.

The video is designed to show just how essential the company's affordable services are for businesses, which include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube followers, fans and subscribers, as well as likes and favorites, views and more. All these services contribute to helping businesses appear popular and endorsed, which makes organic followers far more likely to engage.

A spokesperson for The Marketing Heaven explained, "The Marketing Heaven understands that to many traditional businesses the online world can seem overwhelming, and the many reports on the difficulty of getting a clear ROI for online campaigns make people risk averse. What we want to do is to reframe people's perspectives toward the opportunities, at the same time demonstrating that our services are some of the best and safest investments those companies can make."

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The Marketing Heaven delivers high quality, authenticated and genuine Facebook and Youtube likes, subscribers and more. Their specialized "prescreening facebook fans" process and their outstanding Triple Iron- Clad Guarantee means Marketing Heaven is designed for one thing and one thing only: getting REAL results for its customers. The company is well known for helping create many of today's online celebrities.

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