and Compare Their Analysis on Weight-Loss Supplements


Berlin, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2014 --, a German blog dedicated in sharing information and reviews of various body building and weight-loss supplements, and, another German blog focused on specifically weight loss supplements, have both together published series of articles on common weight-loss supplements consumed today and the safety of the ingredients used in them. is primarily a blog leaning towards body building enthusiasts. However it has over the years reviewed many weight-loss supplements as well. Before their latest T Force review, which is a highly demanded body building supplement known for improving energy levels & pump during gym training, the blog had published a comprehensive article on Garcinia Cambogia, one of the most common ingredients in natural weight-loss supplements today.

Similarly, had also recently published a review on Acai Berry Pure Max supplement which comprises of the Acai Berry extract another common ingredient.

The Acai Berry Max Germany product has gained wide attention and is continuing gain success in Europe, due to the numerous positive feedbacks given by its consumers.

The blog,, has reviewed various other products as well, focusing on supplements that were heavily demanded and are most effective.

Both & have also via their articles discussed common trends in the industry and have recommended many other safe products to their followers.

However, due to aggressive marketing individuals often get confused on which products are authentic and are effective. To prevent people from making purchasing mistakes or even worse consuming unsafe products, the blogs have published safety articles as well which can now be read.

About is a German health & fitness blog dedicated in reviewing various supplements available in the country. The blog,, also shares latest fitness trends and offers effective techniques of attaining and maintaining a healthy body. has many partner websites including, which is another German blog focused on reviewing latest weight-loss supplements.

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