Inventor Michael Story Looks to Complete the Development of Sea Wolf Mk5 Double Hose Diving Regulator with Funding Support from Indiegogo

A diver since the 1960s, Michael Story is seeking funding assistance to create the Sea Wolf Mk5 D.H.R. diving regulator. The estimated funding requirement for this project is $125,000.


Burleson, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/04/2014 -- Michael Story is the designer of the Sea Wolf Mk5, a highly sophisticated 21st century double hose regulator. During his early days as a diver, Michael received training with the old double hose regulators. He strongly believes that there is a real romance as well as exceptional utility involved in diving with these early regulators. However, at the same time, most of these double hose regulators are not suitable for modern diving procedures without modification.

In 2009, Michael started working in tandem with a CAD designer and a machinist to build a replacement valve assembly prototype they called the Mossback Mk3. This valve replaced the original valves on U.S. Divers double hose regulators formerly manufactured in California. The team was able to eliminate several shortcomings of the old style double hose systems with these new assemblies. Though the Mossback Mk3 was appreciated by many, Michael felt there was room for improvement. This is how the Sea Wolf Mk5 was born.

Some of the basic features of Sea Wolf Mk5 are as mentioned below.

-Hydrodynamic shape

-Threaded ring locked can assembly with no small screws, clips or clamps to lose or break

-Removable hose attachments for any after dive draining

-AILSS system featuring a no turbulent flow 2nd stage; non turbulent air hoses; non torturous mouthpiece valves, etc.

-Fully compatible with modern buoyancy devices: dry suits, safe second octopus' and submersible pressure gauges.

-Provides a much quieter, comfortable dive where users can actually hear the marine life in the water without a re-breather.

-Exceptional breathing characteristics equaling any modern scuba regulator.

-Reduced tooth and jaw-fatigue commonly found with single hoses.

-Provides less negative pressure to protect the diver from physiological diuretic effects.

The Mossback Mk3 design has already been tested and sold with success. Now, Michael Story needs financial support to complete the Sea Wolf MK5 project. The Indiegogo campaign's funding goal of $125,000 will be spent on purchase of raw material, manufacturing of molds and machine parts for the production of the composite bodies, purchase of hardware for assembly, quality control inspection, worldwide testing of the product, and shipping costs.

This campaign will end on January 12, 2015.

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About Sea Wolf Mk5
The Sea Wolf Mk5 D.H.R. will be a quantum leap in the world of scuba diving. A newly manufactured and internationally marketed double hose regulator; it will allow divers from all over the world the opportunity to use their modern diving equipment with a 21st century designed double hose.