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Classic Marble & Granite, Inc. Offers Advice on Granite Countertop Maintenance


Blackwood, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2014 -- As thousands are tasked with preparing holiday dinners, the kitchen is sure to be a hotspot for spills and other messes. Countertops are likely to receive a majority of the abuse as they will serve as a place for food to be prepared and as a resting area for hands and elbows. Classic Marble & Granite, Inc, a leading supplier of kitchen countertops in Cherry Hill, is helping customers protect their investments by offering advice on granite countertop maintenance. With the cost of material, proper care is a must to ensure the lasting beauty of the granite.

While the natural stone is one of the most durable options, it can be porous. If the granite countertop has not been recently sealed it is highly susceptible to absorbing liquids, leaving permanent stains. If a spill happens, the company recommends using a warm water and mild dishwashing soap solution with a soft cloth to clean up the mess. Residents should never use cleaning agents that contain acids, alkaline, or oxidizers, such as bleach, vinegar, and lemon juice. These cleaners will cause the counter to lose its luster and potentially etch the stone. As an extra precaution, the homeowner should try to absorb the liquid before wiping it down.

To provide the best protection from stains, customers should use a penetrating sealer every one to two years. While applying the sealer to the countertop is easy, it is important to never let the sealer dry on the granite. The product should only be left on long enough for the material to absorb what it can and then have the excess wiped away. Classic Marble & Granite, Inc. recommends taking preventative measures to ensure the liquid never has a chance to reach the granite. They suggest having a ready supply of coasters and placemats for guests' cups and plates.

With these tips, granite kitchen countertops in Cherry Hill, NJ will remain safe during the wildest of holiday parties. If the countertop is showing its age and has several stains, homeowners can visit Classic Marble & Granite to find their next countertop. To learn more about countertop maintenance or to get a free quote, visit their website today.

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