HealthWolf Publishes New Editorials on Hair and Skin Treatment for Improved Youth and Vitality

HealthWolf has published new reviews of microloop hair extensions and anti-acne skin cream to help people find the best ways to clearer skin and a fuller head of hair.


Göteborg, Kortedala -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- Life is tough, and unfortunately work consumes so much of our time that we spend relatively little of it being proactive in the protection, care and maintenance of our bodies. Unfortunately this leaves us all with something of an inferiority complex, always falling short of what we could be. HealthWolf is a website dedicated helping people find practical ways to make big gains in their personal maintenance, from health and fitness to beauty and fashion. The site has just published two new editorials on hair extensions and acne face washes, to help people of all ages look better faster.

HealthWolf's guide on micro loop hair extensions is as robust and comprehensive as one could hope for, with detailed instructions on how to identify high quality products, how to attach them, what to remember when applying the extensions, plus proper care and maintenance advice including how to shower with extensions, and the best place to find them in both the US and England.

The site's guide to anti-acne cream also helps people identify what ingredients have been proven effective and controversially, what commercial products can actually worsen acne by creating dependence. As with the hair extensions, buying guides and recommended e-commerce stores are included.

A spokesperson for HealthWolf explained, "These two are the latest in what will be a comprehensive series of articles addressing the most modern and innovative ways to deal with everyday annoyances that get in the way of us feeling like our best selves. Hair extensions allow girls a way to reinvent themselves instantly and are increasingly being used by men to thicken out a thinning hairline, while acne affects almost everyone at some point in their lives and is something everyone would feel better without. With guides to fashion and lifestyle, health and fitness, we aim to have everything we need to help people become health wolves."

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