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The Training Store Introduces the FISH! Philosophy to Improve Workplaces

Turning mundane and repetitive workplaces across Australia into fun, energetic and productive places to work, is what The Training Store aims to achieve.


Southport, Queensland -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- Most workplaces involve doing the same activity day in and day out. This daily repetition can get boring and can turn work into something that people despise and dread. The Training Store believes that the FISH! Philosophy is the answer.

"Doing the same thing, every day, year after year often results in the lack of productivity and motivation. At the Training Store, we aim to change all of that with the FISH! Philosophy. We are committed towards changing workplaces across Australia by introducing an philosophy that allows people to look at who they really are at work to increase customer satisfaction, team cooperation and personal motivation whilst at the same time having fun," says Danielle Peters, owner and senior FISH! Trainer.

The FISH! training philosophy was developed by Chart House Learning's founder John Christensen after a visit to the Pike Place Fish Market. Christensen noted the high level of energy present at the market and used that to develop a training philosophy to make individuals more motivated and alert in the workplace.

The Training Store intends to do the same here in Australia. Following Christensen's philosophy, the company provides different FISH! workshops, aimed at schools, the hospitality industry, the healthcare industry as well as range of other areas. One particular area that the Training Stores sees as beneficial to many businesses is corporate team building in Australia. Incorporating the FISH! Philosophy into a company's team building weekend is a fun way to enhance workplace cultural change within an organisation.

Danielle Peters, the owner and senior FISH! Trainer mentioned that, "The Training Store is only one of the three organisations in Australia and New Zealand, approved by Chart House Learning as a certified fish training provider and distributor of products. We intend to help workplaces change the stagnant work culture that is prevalent in most organisations and aim to make the workplace something that employees enjoy."

Improving workplace culture one company at a time, The Training Store also offers clients with a range of different products apart from just workshops. These includes training books and guides, different fish programs, exclusive courses for leaders, companies and schools, and of course assorted fun FISH! products. They also conduct regular events specifically geared towards training corporate trainers and business leaders.

The Training Store is on a mission to promote the FISH! philosophy in organisations and companies and aims to eradicate boredom and lack of motivation from the workplace by promoting a culture characterised by high levels of energy, effective communication and a change in attitude.

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The Training Store provides training programs, workshops and events for organisations, companies and schools using the FISH! Philosophy that helps maintain motivation and high levels of energy. For more details, visit

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