JohnnyDents Now Offering Exotic Car Paintless Dent Repair


Pennsauken, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- One of the biggest fears that comes with owning an exotic car is the thought of it being scratched or dinged. Often it is not the owner's fault the car was damaged, but rather the unavoidable carelessness of those driving or walking by it. As repairs to rare vehicles can be very expensive, JohnnyDents is proud to now offer paintless dent repair to exotic cars. Their services can save the motorist hundreds of dollars by preventing the need to buy a replacement part or have the piece painted to match the rest of the body.

For many, the smallest dent can be an eyesore that throws off the aesthetic appeal of the car. Fortunately, JohnnyDents has the knowledge and equipment to return the body to its original streamline shape. No matter what caused indentation or where it is located, they can remove it without creating the need to have the area painted. Eliminating the need for painting is a huge bonus for exotic car owners as the color of the paint is often very difficult to match.

JohnnyDents, a leader in paintless dent repair near Bucks County, uses purpose-built tools and techniques they have developed over years of experience to safely remove the indentation. They start the process by attaching a powerful light to the car to get a clear view of the damaged area. Next, their technician will find the perfect spot behind the dent to apply pressure on with the tool. Once they have a majority of the dimple out, they use a tap down technique that relieves the surrounding pressure, allowing the body to return to its natural shape.

Owners of exotic cars in Burlington interested in paintless dent repair can visit JohnnyDents for a firsthand look at their unbelievable results. To set up an appointment for their dent removal services, visit their website or call 877-317-9931.

About JohnnyDents
JohnnyDents understands how important cars are to their owners, which is why they provide paint-less dent repair, rim repair, and restoration giving it that brand new look. They offer the highest quality services to clients no matter what type of vehicle they may be driving. JohnnyDents has over a decade of experience with the most advanced technologies and techniques that will rest assure the most critical car owner by providing perfect results.

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