Fitlife Now Offering Special on Gift Cards This Winter


Ivyland, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- Staying motivated to work out during the holiday season can seem almost impossible. Combine the reduced motivation with the influx of hearty meals and many find that they are completely out of their fitness routine. To reboot the motivation of members and their friends, Fitlife is now offering a special on gift cards this winter. These gift cards will be perfect to get a group of friends together to push each other through those days when working out is missing from the thought process.

Fitlife's deal offers a 90% discount when members purchase a $100 gift card. To take advantage of this deal, the customer must buy at least three cards and can only use one on themselves. The other two cards are limited to those who are not currently members of the gym. The gifts are perfect for motivating that friend who has been talking about joining, but never does as they will no longer have an excuse.

The member can only use the card on services they are not currently using. Finding a new program at the gym will not be difficult as they offer several courses, such as Pilates, Crossfit, and Mudder Training. The gift cards can also be used for private and group personal training sessions near Southampton to help individuals assess their fitness level before committing to a specific program. Members and non-members can book a free consultation to speak with a coach on how they can get the best use out of the gift card. Other gyms charge up to $80 for the information provided during the consultation Fitlife offers at no cost, adding even more value to the $90 that has already been saved.

Members will have a difficult time not purchasing $300 worth of gift cards for only $30 with the special offer from Fitlife. Whether interested in obstacle race training or weight loss in Bucks County, cardholders will not have a hard time finding the service right for them. Those interested in starting the new year off right and taking advantage of major savings can visit the gym's website to purchase the cards.

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