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American Dental Care in Harrisburg Announce Openings for Teeth Whitening Services This Winter


Harrisburg, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- Those who need coffee or tea to get them through the long hours at the office are likely to have noticed their teeth have lost their luster over the years. There are a variety of reasons teeth lose their whiteness, such as the consumption of certain liquids and medications, fluorosis, and normal wear of enamel. Now coffee lovers can enjoy their coffee and white teeth as American Dental Care in Harrisburg has announced they have openings for their teeth whitening services this winter.

In recent years, dentists have seen a rise in patients seeking whiter teeth, as well as an increase in available methods to achieve the look. The procedure done at American Dental Care is the perfect solution for those with teeth stained from coffee, smoking, or regular wear. When considering teeth whitening, patients are reminded that it will not alter the color of prior restorations. Existing dental work will require replacing to ensure it matches the new color of the teeth.

Those seeking whiter teeth will need to set up two appointments in Harrisburg with a dentist from American Dental Care. During the first visit, molds will be created to ensure the custom tray properly fits the patient's mouth. At the second appointment, the mouthpiece will be tried on in order for the dentist to make any necessary adjustments. To get the best results, the patient must wear the trays overnight or two times a day for 30 minutes over the course of a couple weeks. Those wanting the whitest teeth may keep the pieces in longer.

During the process, increased tooth sensitivity is common and will wane once the trays are no longer in use. To keep teeth their whitest, patients should schedule regular visits with a dentist at the Harrisburg location. For more information on the procedure, visit their website or call 717-526-2011.

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