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American Dental Care of Doylestown Announces Availability for Fixed Bridge Procedures This Winter


Doylestown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- When accidents leave individuals missing multiple teeth, there are numerous reasons they will need dental work. Replacing the teeth will maintain facial shape, keep remaining teeth in their proper position, and restore speaking and chewing abilities. Providing an alternative to partial dentures, American Dental Care of Doylestown has announced availabilities for fixed bridge procedures this winter. A bridge will restore a patient's smile and protect surrounding teeth.

Fixed Bridges are typically composed of artificial porcelain teeth that have been fused to metal. The metal connects the replacements to the mouth by attaching crowns to existing teeth. They are very durable and will only need to be replaced or re-cemented after years of use. The procedure will take two or more visits to complete.

The patient will consult with a dentist in Doylestown to determine the best bridge style for their mouth. After the consultation, the mouth is numbed and the anchor teeth will have a section of enamel removed for the crown. Afterwards, the dentist will make an impression of the mouth in order to create a custom bridge. At the end of the initial appointment, the patient will be given a temporary piece to wear between visits.

During the second visit, the permanent bridge is fitted and cemented into place. Depending on the situation, the dentist may choose to temporarily attach the bridge, allowing the mouth to adjust to the piece. Once adjusted, the permanent cement will be applied and the process will be completed.

Whether looking to restore a smile through the fixed bridge procedure or in need of an emergency dentist in Doylestown, trust American Dental Care to restore a smile to every face. To set up a consultation or to inquire about their other services, call 215-348-4041.

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