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Suburban Dental Associates Now Taking Appointments for Composite Fillings


Allentown, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- Over time, teeth that have not received proper care and maintenance will become susceptible to decay, cracking, and chipping. Providing patients with a picture perfect smile, Suburban Dental Associates is now taking appointments for composite fillings. If teeth are showing signs of wear or have fractured, individuals should consult their dentist in Lehigh County immediately to prevent further damage.

Composite fillings have become one of the most widely used tooth restoration practices as they will match the color of the surrounding teeth and be virtually unnoticeable. They are most commonly used on teeth that are located in the most visible areas of a person's smile. Dentists will recommend this procedure to patients with cracked and worn teeth, as well as to those interested in closing a space between two teeth.

Having a compositing filling implemented is a fast process when compared to other dental restoration procedures. It will typically only require one appointment, unless multiple areas need to be addressed. The dentist at Suburban Dental Associates will begin by numbing the tooth and removing any decay. Special medication will be applied if the work is being performed near a nerve. Next, they will clean and prepare the tooth for the application process. The dentist will carefully place and shape the filling to create a natural appearance.

Patients who recently had a composite filling placed may experience sensitivity to hot and cold food and liquids. These sensations will vanish as the tooth adjusts to the restoration. Dentists will prescribe proper oral hygiene routines and eating habits to help extend its life. They are not permanently fixed to the tooth and may need to be replaced over an extended period.

Those with composite fillings should schedule regular cleanings with Suburban Dental Associates to get most out of their new smiles. To set up a consultation with a dentist in Bethlehem, visit their website or call 610-820-9900.

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