Mouse Ver 2 Is a Revolutionary New Re-Imagining of the Traditional Mouse Peripheral


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- The mouse has long been the control tool of choice, but the traditional design has come under fire in recent years. The palm down position necessary to operate a traditional mouse creates unnatural torque on muscles and joints in the arm, contributing to chronic pain and fatigue for many users. A new device dubbed Mouse Ver 2 eliminates this issue because it enables users to operate the mouse in a variety of positions. The Mouse Ver 2 is conceptually similar to using two legs to move, while the conventional mouse is limited to single leg mobility.

The Mouse Ver 2 has unique design that allows users to operate it in the traditional, palm down position. However, the Mouse Ver 2 can also operate in a palm up position, with the thumb controlling the mouse via a catpad. This catpad is similar to a touch screen of a mobile device or laptop, but possesses greater responsiveness and more functionality. The catpad will also serve as the interface for smart televisions and mobile devices like iPhones. The revolutionary design of this catpad enables users to move across a screen with 360 degrees of freedom and mouse-like speed.

About The Mouse Ver 2
Using this innovative design and performance, the Mouse Ver 2 will soon become the peripheral of choice for office and technology professionals. However, the Mouse Ver 2 is still in development and requires additional funding to enter mass production. The Mouse Ver 2 production team has sponsored a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo to secure $55,000 necessary to fund the initial production phase. In return for supporting this project, backers may receive rewards like the Mouse Ver 2 for only $69 (a $30 discount) prior to its retail launch. Certain backers may also obtain representative or official sponsor status.

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