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MB Has Released a Video About Finding Oil Field Jobs That Pay More Than $70.000 Per Year


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- MB has released a video about finding oil field jobs that pay more than $70.000 per year.

He decided to make this video because he realized that in US there is a shortage of at least 10.000 places in oil field jobs, and with all these there are a lot of people who need an oil field job, and can't seem to find one. This is the reason why, there are a lot of men searching for oil field jobs even 3-4 months after they have started their oil and gas job search.

Because he spent 8 years in the oilfield industry, he realized that there are times in the year and the demand for oil in greater than usual. And during these times oil and gas companies try to hire more people, and if they can't find them, they ask or even force their employees working on oil field jobs to work more hours.

He remmenbers that this happened almost every year and since the oil companiel almost never find enough people to fill the positions, he had to work extra hours. And this is the reason why he was making more money. During these times, for almost 2 months on a row, Michael was working longer shifts.

Normally, in oilfield jobs in texas or even oil jobs in UK, during a shift, you work 10 to 12 hours, but during these times, emplayees are asked to work 14 hours. And that's why when he started his first roustabout job, his salary was almost 20% bigger than the normal salary for oil field jobs.

In his new video, Michael, explains a little bit about finding an oil field job, how to apply for one, and he tells everybody about his new website, where he shares his oil and gas career steps, and teaches all people in search of a oil and gas job what to do and how to make sure their resume and cover letters stand out.

Finding one of the well paid oil field jobs, is really easy as Michael explains in his video, the only thing people who need a job is to follow all his steps.

His new video on finding oil field jobs  can be watched here:

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After having worked for 8 years in an oil rig job, Michael has advanced to driller, and now, he makes over $120.000 per year. Now he will share his knowledge and help other get an oil rig job as well.

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