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Michael Bunton Has Just Released a New Video About the No. 1 Trick for Getting Roughneck Jobs Fast


Woodstock, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- Michael Bunton has just released a new video about the no. 1 trick for getting roughneck jobs fast and why this always work in the oil and gas industry.

His second job on an oil rig was as a roughneck, and because this trick, the one he speaks about in his video, he got a salary of $61.000 per year, even though he only worked as a roustabout for a few months.

While being a roustabout, he was making $56.000 per year, and he was employed to that oil rig company for 3 months only, when he was called by another oil and gas company and asked to attend an online interview over skype.

He managed to do it from his room when he finished his hours, and because he knew what to say and how to say it, he got the job. He stood there till the end of the first 6 months of his contract, and then he started the roughneck job on another oil rig. He agreed to the new position, the one as a roughneck because of 2 reason.

The first reason was the payment, his roughneck salary, was more than 10 % higher than the roustabout salary. And the second reason, was the fact that the new oil company, was much bigger and offered a few benefits like health insurance, pension, dental and a few more. Of course roughneck jobs are a little easier, and basically you are on top of roustabouts.

Basically, Michael worked almost 12 consecutive months on oil rigs. His first 6 months were worked as a roustabout job, and when he was supposed to be off work, he worked for another 6 months. He only had 2 weeks off in which he visited his wife.

Even though in the first year his wife almost left him because she was tired of being alone, in that first year, he made over $110.000, enough money to build a new house for his family, which was waiting for a new boy.

Because he did it all with no experience, and because he used that no. 1 trick, he created a video in which he explain some more tips of getting roughneck jobs.

His new video can be watched in this link

About Michael Bunton
After having worked for 8 years in an oil rig job, Michael has advanced to driller, and now, he makes over $120.000 per year. Now he will share his knowledge and help other get an oil rig job as well.

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