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OnTarget Partners Is Tapped to Help Improve Unified Power's Brand Messaging and Reach

New partnership will help Unified Power realize ambitious goals laid down by directors by taking advantage of OnTarget's unequaled B2B marketing expertise, companies report


Frisco, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- OnTarget Partners and Unified Power have embarked upon a new partnership aimed at realizing aggressive growth and securing improved brand awareness for Unified Power. After Unified Power's board of directors laid down this new set of objectives, the company's leaders conducted an exhaustive search for the partner that would be best positioned to support them in the effort. Unified Power decision-makers identified OnTarget Partners as the most capable source of the B2B Market Research, marketing, and other services they will need as they strive intently to meet their new goals.

"We are pleased to announce that we have entered into an important agreement with fast-growing power protection services firm Unified Power," OnTarget Partners Founder Ed Trachier said, "And we look forward to employing our organization's proven skills to our new partner's advantage in the coming weeks and months." As computer equipment and electronic assets become even more central to the bottom lines of businesses of every sort, those tasked with ensuring their availability face challenges with ever-increasing stakes.

Texas-based Unified Power has become a leader in delivering the kinds of reliable uninterruptible power supply equipment and service that can keep operations running without fail, whatever problems may strike. The company's strategic leadership team decided it was well-positioned to take advantage of a high level of demand in the industry, laying down a new overall strategy that aims at producing impressive growth.

Thanks to the just-announced partnership, OnTarget Partners will be a key ally for the company as it grows to become an even more formidable force in its industry. Established in 1997, OnTarget Partners provides a wide range of time-tested B2B Marketing services that all aim at delivering the kind of "Intelligence for Business®" that can take client companies to the next marketing levels.

Toward that end, OnTarget Partners employs a large staff of experienced, United-States-based associates at the company's Frisco, Texas, headquarters, each of whom boasts extensive training in various marketing techniques. The company's B2B Appointment Setting services, for example, go far beyond the capabilities of conventional telemarketing firms, making use of the kinds of educated, intelligent associates who can absorb and carry out the complex marketing strategies that are fundamental to success in the endeavor.

All of OnTarget Partners' many lead generation, online, creative, and research services are of a similarly high caliber, meaning that clients can count on being able to find the same level of effectiveness under one roof as their needs evolve. This combination of best-in-class specialized ability and breadth of offerings has made OnTarget Partners one of the world's leaders in business-to-business marketing and sales services, and is an important part of the reason that Unified Power has chosen the company to support it in its new ambitions. Further details about OnTarget Partners' many service offerings can be found at the company's website at http://www.ontargetpartners.com.

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