The Thoreau Institute At Walden Woods

The Thoreau Institute Walden Woods Project Tree Free Paper News

TG Eco Products donates tree free paper, Green2™ and treefree™ brands to The Thoreau Institute Walden Woods Project.


Lincoln, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- The Walden Woods Project is a nonprofit public charity, as defined under Federal Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3). The writings, land and legacy of Henry David Thoreau are supported by the Thoreau Institute and The Walden Woods Project. To date, the Walden Woods Project has protected nearly 170 acres. At the core of their mission are programs and opportunities designed to educate and engage youth in the challenges associated with the stewardship of our natural resources.

Kathi Anderson, Executive Director of The Walden Woods Project, said," We appreciate your generous gift of TG Eco Products tree free paper towels, bathroom tissue and facial tissue. We seem to go through the paper towels the fastest!"

About TG Eco Products
TG Eco Products manufactures environmentally friendly, sustainable treeless paper products for home, office, and institutions under Green2™ and treefree™ brands. Some products include septic safe bath tissue, paper towels, napkins, jumbo roll tissue, plates, bowls and copy paper. TG Eco Product's mission is to offer environmentally friendly products at prices comparable to traditional products. Their treeless paper products are made from Bamboo grass and sugar cane husk which are considered sustainable and renewable.

Terry Lehman CEO and founder of TG Eco Products said, "I am happy to align with charities, non-profits, and companies that consider our natural resources. They're Promoting the future of our valuable world, in pristine condition, and living responsibly through efforts that positively impact our earth. We are committed to creating a greener world by sustaining our earth's precious resources for this generation and generations to come."

The Thoreau Institute At Walden Woods
44 Baker Farm
Lincoln, MA 01772
Contact: Kathi Anderson

Corporate Headquarters:
299 W. Camino Gardens Blvd. #302
Boca Raton, FL 33432
Tom Chisari – National Sales Manager