Video Games Play Can Provide Health, Social and Learning Benefits to Kids

Video games are also testified to help people suffering from severe chronic pain since it confuse them and repeatedly enhance their capability to tolerate pain.


Toledo, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- According to the researchers of Oxford University, Young kids who are involved in a little video-game-playing daily are well adjusted than kids who've never played or play only for three hours or more. Playing video games for an hour a day was connected to well-adjusted kids and teenagers within the research. The research conducted by experts of Oxford University found no good or adverse effects on young kids who play video games moderately for 1 to 3 hours every day.

Playing interactive games can boost up problem-solving abilities, as kids understands how to solve complicated puzzles. Teenagers who play video game like Spiderman games or batman games for satisfaction earn the benefits of a much better insight of self-identity. The report published on Psychology discloses, "Along with diverting them from real world issues … winning in video game titles can result in reduced anxiety, positive feelings and a more relaxed personality."

With an increasing amount of video games covering such topics as history, science, math and language arts. Many games titles like baby hazel games teach kids children about maintaining hygiene, being responsible, how to dress-up for school as well as how to introduce themselves.

Researchers observe that games with educational content not just benefit kids, but also aid teachers searching for substitute way to teaching.

46% of teenagers play video games on their mobile phones, while 71% utilize dedicated gaming consoles like PS3, PS4, Xbox or Nintendo. It is expected that future development in mobile video games calls for more multi-player gaming options.

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