People Can Gain Cognitive and Perceptual Benefits by Playing Video Games

The global video games industry expand 9% in year 2013 and today surpasses $76 billion with forecasts it'll touch $86 billion in 2016.


Toledo, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- Action video-games are very popular like a source of entertainment and fun. Normally, there are worries that these games support violence. On the other hand, latest research & studies conducted on action video games suggest that playing these games can provide perceptual and cognitive benefits. This may have essential implications: since playing these games are fun, they can be perfect treatments to slow down cognitive decline in older people, promote restoration in stroke sufferers, or increase capabilities in students with unique educational requirements.

Video games also offer Quick decision making and multitasking abilities. Video games aren't only about reaching goals and high scores. Today, game developers put large focus on exploration and storytelling. Baby hazel games, Cinderella games or little pony games are all good examples which combine excellent sounds and visuals along with innovative story that happens within an imaginary world. Now, unique games are being developed to simply help kids learn everything from math, science, history to even maintain good hygiene.

Video games like Spiderman games, batman games or need for Speed also enhance hand-eye-coordination. This connects the player brain's motor nerves together with visual perception. Players need to play at a really tricky accuracy. Motion of the mouse need to link together with the eyesight on-screen. Playing video games has also proved beneficial for the individual's eye sight. Gamers have been revealed to have greater than normal eye sight.

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