Beyond Talk Branches out Beyond Environmental Activism

The website strives to bust myths in many areas, including healthcare, lifestyle, and societal issues, reports Beyond Talk


Roanoke, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- Beyond Talk announces they will be moving beyond environmental activism and branching out into other areas, in an effort to better serve the needs of their readers. An online publication, Beyond Tack was originally founded to encourage nonviolent civil disobedience in an effort to ensure political leaders make the correct environmental choices. New areas to be covered include health, societal, health care and lifestyle issues, and busting common myths is another objective of Beyond Talk.

"Environmental activism and climate change remain key areas of interest for Beyond Talk, yet Beyond Talk Goes Beyond Environmental Activism as consumers find they are struggling in many areas of life. The site recently published a series of articles covering the areas mentioned above and received positive feedback upon doing so. Consumers wish to know the truth when it comes to all areas of their life, and Beyond Truth functions to help them find the information they want and need to do so," Diana Bradley, founder of Beyond Talk, proclaims.

Health care topics remain in the forefront of consumer minds, due in large part to additional pending lawsuits concerning the Affordable Care Act. Many now look outside of traditional health care when trying to solve one or more health issues. For example, many turn to radical weight loss surgery to overcome obesity and related diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure ( Cosmetic surgery remains a popular option with consumers also, yet numerous fail to realize the dangers associated with procedures of this type and how often the procedures actually fail (

Bradley explains Beyond Talk seeks to uncover health truths and myths, tackling a wide range of topics, including garcinia cambogia supplements. For example, consumers interested in laser hair removal or microdermabrasion find a wide variety of products on the market which claim to help with this task. Beyond Talk reviews a number of products to allow consumers to choose the one most likely to meet their needs. These are just two of the many topics addressed on the updated website.

Stress continues to plague many, interfering with their ability to lead a full and productive life. Beyond Talk now addresses this issue also, covering topics ranging from the truth about money and happiness ( to green home design and gift giving within a relationship ( Manufacturers continue to bombard the market with products they claim to be the best. This adds to the stress of life, and consumers find the information provided at Beyond Talk helps them to eliminate stress, by providing factual assessments of a variety of products and services.

"Visit Beyond Talk to see the new updated site. Those who do are very impressed with the subject matters covered. Beyond Talk provides real, honest information on a wide range of topics, making life easier for visitors in a variety of ways. It's one site everyone needs to check out," Bradley declares.

About Beyond Talk
Beyond Talk, an online publication, was established with the objectives of busting myths and uncovering truths. The goal remains to empower the general public with the knowledge needed so they can make informed decisions. The website strives to not only convey the need for social justice by showing others they can make a difference, but also works to help build strong relationships with their significant other, family members, and those in the community.