ChurchDev Launches Much-Anticipated New Event Countdown System for Customer Websites

Flexible, attractive new event timer system will allow churches to display time remaining until holidays, church events, and other important occasions, ChurchDev reports


Mooresville, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- ChurchDev, a leading website design agency specializing in serving churches, announced the release of an attractive, flexible new event timer system, usable on all of the sites produced by the company. Available in five different forms, each suited to particular purposes, the new asset makes it easy for customers to incorporate countdowns to particular occasions, like holidays or church events, into their existing websites. ChurchDev creates customized, turn-key, everything-included websites that precisely match the needs of client churches, incorporating an intuitive, drag-and-drop content management system that allows any authorized user to update them easily.

"We always love hearing from the churches and members who so enjoy the websites we create for them," ChurchDev representative Angela Beard said, "One reason for that is that they always have so many good ideas for further improvements. We're happy to announce the release of what is likely the most frequently requested feature of all, an easy-to-use countdown timer that is going to make our clients' websites even more useful and attractive."

With more than thirty years of combined web development experience, the designers and developers behind ChurchDev decided that it was time to focus on serving a group of customers who had too often previously been neglected. After doing extensive market research, they laid down the foundations of a church-oriented website development framework that revolves entirely around the special, unique requirements of those organizations.

Today, ChurchDev is the single most successful and effective developer of websites for churches of all sizes and ministries. The company's deep, focused experience working with churches allows it to anticipate and accommodate their needs more capably than any other web development service, producing websites that are truly satisfying and valuable.

ChurchDev customers can choose from a variety of basic designs, after which the company's developers work on tailoring each to the particular character and needs of each client church. The websites ChurchDev creates for clients incorporate a range of specialized, church-oriented features, including multimedia sermon uploading systems, online giving portals, advanced event calendars, photo galleries, staff lists, and more.

In every case, ChurchDev websites provide for easy, intuitive updating that does not require special computer skills. The company's sophisticated drag-and-drop content management architecture means that even those who are generally uncomfortable with computers can easily handle the uploading of new sermon videos, the posting of new events, or the addition of staff members to online rosters.

ChurchDev delivers all of this at a single, transparent, everything-included price that makes it easy for church leaders to commission powerful new websites that will serve their churches' needs for many years to come. ChurchDev also delivers industry-leading levels of customer service, ensuring that any issues are addressed promptly and proactively, as well as impeccable website reliability, so these crucial resources will always be ready to serve.

The new event countdown elements are available, free of charge, to all ChurchDev customers. They include everything from full-page counters to smaller ones that take up a portion of a given page, whether an entire footer area, a single line, or some other space. Customers can also get in touch with ChurchDev customer service to request customized counter designs or layouts.

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