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The CHER Foundation Remains the Chiropractic Charity Committed to Professional Development


Downey, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- The CHER Foundation is well-known for its multiple ability-to-pay programs at its CHER Clinics with programs for children, veterans, and seniors, but this non-profit charitable organization is also dedicated to other important facets of the community. As a division of Coy Chiropractic Institute, the CHER Foundation is the only charity of its kind to offer numerous programs to boost professional growth and development of the chiropractic profession. Offering a number of programs dedicated to providing public education for all chiropractic professionals. The CHER Foundation and Coy Chiropractic Institute are doing something that has never been done before. As the first chiropractic organization to become a PUBLIC non-profit charitable organization, Coy Chiropractic Institute and CHER Foundation are bringing a wealth of health services and education to California and beyond.

In addition to providing ongoing professional development for chiropractors through a number of programs, the CHER Foundation is also offering new doctors the opportunity to qualify for the Federal government's student loan forgiveness program. Also, the organization delivers ability-to-pay through its CHER Clinics and programs for children, seniors, and military veterans. Ever committed to remaining a forward-thinking health-based organization, The CHER Foundation is also developing two new "natural health" digital television channels. The Life Channel and Canal De La Vida will provide public information on natural health care, services, and products. The CHER Foundation's chiropractic clinics offer the benefits of therapy, chiropractic adjustments, and nutrition. By offering these benefits to the public, the CHER Foundation emphasis prevention and not just the alleviation of pain. The organization's doctors work with each patient to make positive recommendations, such as specialist referrals and home rehabilitation.

The CHER Foundation offer a variety of clinic services as well as an opportunity for chiropractors to advance their careers and education through a range of ongoing programs. The Associate Doctors Program is currently open to doctors with a California license or who are part of a college preceptorship program. Doctors are invited to become a part of the humanitarian service while helping patients, building a practice, and qualifying for the Federal Loan Forgiveness Program. Established doctors are also asked to inform their patients about the only public chiropractic charity for donations, endowments, gifts, or contributions of any kind. All donations made to the CHER Foundation support the growth and development of the chiropractic profession.

The CHER Foundation values that chiropractic care should be open to everyone, regardless of whether they are insured, underinsured, or uninsured. The organization is dedicated to chiropractic health, education, and research, and it works to build the bridge between those in need of access to chiropractic care to those who can provide charitable chiropractic care while taking part in professional growth and research.

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About The CHER Foundation
The CHER Foundation, a division of Coy Chiropractic Institute, operates several CHER clinics throughout California. Offering student loan forgiveness qualification for new doctors and the ability-to-pay and programs for children, veterans, and seniors, The CHER Foundation is dedicated to the community's well-being. The CHER Foundation is currently developing two natural health television channels, The Life Channel ( ) and Canal De La Vida ( ), which are designed to offer public information on all things natural in health care, services, and products.

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