Property Managers Fund Cancer Research with the Help of Industry Veteran Louis Pfaff


Eastchester, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- How can property managers connect with charities for a win: win scenario? What types of charity organizations are out there? Louis Pfaff, of shares his take on charity and his creative way to fuse it with property management businesses.

Louis, a former property manager of 10 years, was looking for a creative way to merge both property management and his favorite charity – cancer research. He was searching for a way that property managers could regularly contribute without substantially impacting the income statement. Could more management companies help provide much needed ongoing support for cancer research?

"Each year, we committed to donate our first leasing commission in addition to $5.00 from every new rental application to We were proud to support and all their unending, magnanimous efforts to fight!" said Louis. Louis Pfaff made his donations in honor of his mother, Mary. He encourages others to take on a champion to maintain motivation. Mary has courageously battled back cancer multiple times and is another example of individual strength when faced with cancer. He is confident many companies, when they learn about, they too will contribute and join in the fight!

The Hope for Change Foundation promotes breast cancer awareness and raises funds for cancer research. Increased recognition of cancer raises the possibility of finding a cure. To that end, raises funds by providing a comprehensive program of arts and entertainment to the community and seeking financial contributions from all businesses who want to help.

Louis Pfaff informed us that feels that, when our mothers, daughters, sisters and aunts are losing their lives each day we all need to help. Louis Pfaff and both hope for a cure to the disease that claims the lives of nearly 40,000 women annually, just in the United States alone and affects countless families in its indifferent wake.

About donate funds to worthy recipients. One of these recipients is The White Plains Hospital. The White Plains Hospital is committed to providing the finest patient-centered healthcare. The Breast Program at White Plains Hospital remains an active community resource in identifying research opportunities and clinical trials to prevent the recurrence of breast cancer. It is a favorite of and they do great work.

So, will more property managers get involved? Louis Pfaff certainly hopes so. For more information on donating to Hope – visit and make a difference!

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