My Identity Doctor Observing National Influenza Vaccination Week with Availability of Asthma Bracelet and Other Steel Medical ID Bracelet

This press release is to inform readers that is observing National Influenza Vaccination Week with the availability of asthma bracelet and other steel medical id bracelet.


Lakewood, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- December 7th through the 13th is National Influenza Vaccination Week. Roughly each year 5-20% of Americans get the flu, with 200,000 of those people getting hospitalized. Influenza has many different strains, and every year there are usually one or two new or old strains that cause the illness. Vaccinations are made up of the expected strain or strains of the flu that will make an appearance that particular season. is an online portal that sells kids medical ID bracelets as well as ID jewelry for adults. These medical ID tags are for people with diseases and other medical issues that may not be able to verbalize their condition to EMT's or doctors in the case of an emergency. A spokesperson for talked about the importance of observing National Influenza Vaccination Week, "For most people, the flu is merely an inconvenience. They might miss school or work and be miserable for about a week. For others though, the flu can mean all sorts of complications that could land them in the hospital. For asthma sufferers, the flu can be critical, that's why those suffering from asthma should wear an asthma bracelet, or some type of steel medical ID bracelet, so that others know of their condition and can help them immediately in the case of an asthma attack. Children are especially vulnerable to asthma and the flu, so it's important to arm them with a quality, durable child medical bracelet."

My Identity Doctor specializes in steel medical ID bracelet for both men and women. They know that easy to read, black engraving is the most important for your safety. By wearing a medical ID tag, you are ensuring prompt, accurate medical attention. Paramedics and medical doctors are trained to be aware of medical ID tags and their existence ensures that you will be treated immediately with no risk of error or a misdiagnosis. offers extremely resistant asthma bracelet for men, women, and children that holds up to everyday wear and tear.

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