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Spiritual Gifts: Life-Changing New Book, the Culmination of a Lifetime's Study, Helps Readers Identify Their God-Given Gifts & Live out His Plan

Masterfully crafted by Yvonne Allen, ‘Spiritual Gifts Unveiling Your Inner Light’ can help anyone live with true purpose, motivation and dignity – just by identifying their spiritual God-given gifts. Ms. Allen spent years studying and documenting every spiritual gift in the Bible – and has now condensed her findings into a practical guide that will not only bring all readers closer to their faith, but finally allow them to live their life as the Lord intended.


New Market, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- When Yvonne Allen was a teenager, she had a life-changing experience; she realized and embraced her spiritual gifts. This sudden shift in purpose and motivation inspired Ms. Allen to spend years studying every spiritual gift in the Bible, an education that led to her conducting spiritual gift workshops across the country.

But friends, family and delegates wanted more – a book that they could keep by their side to help discover and affirm their gifts when the moment strikes. 'Spiritual Gifts Unveiling Your Inner Light' is the powerful and potentially life-changing volume they have been waiting for.


Have you felt purposeless in life? God has a purpose for our lives. Discovering your spiritual gifts plays a major role in finding your purpose. A spiritual gift is a "God-given assignment, capacity, and desire to perform a function within the body of Christ with supernatural joy, energy, and effectiveness.

As you begin to apply your spiritual gift, your motivation will become more and more "want to" rather than "ought to" or "have to!" The Gifts Give Direction and Purpose in Life! Each one of us has been given gifts by the Holy Spirit. We can use these gifts to live in peace with God's purpose for our lives.

We can employ these gifts to take our place and be an active part in God's wonderful plan for the world. God wants you to use your gifts to live out God's plan for your life. Your gifts are unique. Because you have particular gifts as a unique child of God, your gifts influence the specific ways in which you respond to God's call in your life. Your gifts shape the way you live your life. Knowing our gifts help us to know where to place our time and energy.

"Discovering your gifts is the single-biggest step in also finding your God-given purpose," explains Ms. Allen. "But it isn't easy, often requiring people to trawl through the Bible. I have now done the heavy lifting for them and, just a short time after turning the first page, anyone can know what gifts they possess and how to turn their lives around into one of increased motivation, purpose, and conformation to God's particular plan for them."

Continuing, "Millions don't use their gifts, but God gave them to us to be used each and every day. As they are individual to you, your gifts govern the specific ways in which you respond to God's call in your life. It's foolish not to discover and embrace them. Believe me, life and faith is so much better afterwards. Pick up a copy of this book – you'll never be the same again!"

Readers agree, leaving a string of positive reviews.

Allison Leggett comments, "Ms. Allen lives by faith in everything she does. This is apparent in her book "Spiritual Gifts: Unveiling Your Inner Light". If you truly believe in "letting go, and letting God" take care of you, then this book will affirm your commitment to Him. I would recommend this book to my friends and family and will bring it to work as a reminder to let God work through me. This is a brilliant find."

'Spiritual Gifts Unveiling Your Inner Light', from Forester & Cohen Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1q1khFx.

For more information and helpful resources, visit the author's official website: http://www.spiritualgifts.training.

About Yvonne Allen
Yvonne loves to swim, listen to Jazz, and loves children. She really loves helping others realize their purpose and dreams. She currently lives on the East Coast and has her own business organizing tradeshows and conventions. Yvonne Allen was born and raised in Wisconsin. She graduated from Southern Illinois University with a B.S Degree in Marketing. She is married to Robert and has two sons and three grandsons. Yvonne worked over 20 years in the Pharmaceutical industry as a Biological Account Executive in Chicago, Baltimore, and Los Angeles before pursuing her passion in teaching others God's word.