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Hillary Clinton Is Kidnapped in 'Snatching Hilary' – The First Satirical Novel About the Nation's Most Formidable Woman (And Next President?)

Masterfully crafted by a former U.S. Ambassador and retired Marine Corps lieutenant colonel, ‘Snatching Hillary’ takes a break from literature’s usual hard-pressing and critical treatment of America’s most talked-about woman to instead portray her in a humorous manner. Her ferocity, wit and raw honesty causes fact and fiction to collide in a narrative that portrays Clinton’s kidnapping during a Presidential campaign fundraiser. Both authors know the corridors of Capitol Hill like the back of their hands, providing a read that blurs reality to get Democrats and Republicans agreeing that this former First Lady is more than a force to be reckoned with.


Mt. Airy, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- Let's put party politics aside for a minute; love her or hate her – Hillary Clinton is one of the United States' most fascinating women. To some she is a breakthrough maverick who is unafraid to pursue any cause close to her heart while, to others (*cough*, those in red), she is a far-out try-hard who doesn't deserve yet another residency in the White House. Most existing books about Clinton take the hard-hitting and critical approach – so what are the chances that Dick Carlson (a former U.S. Ambassador) and Bill Cowan (a retired Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel) would release a satirical and side-splitting novel with her as the protagonist?

Pretty darn good. In fact, 'Snatching Hillary' is already on the shelves and making waves as the first book of its kind. From Congressmen to 'Common' people – everyone is reveling in this illuminating-yet-fictional portrayal of the nation's possible next Commander-in-Chief.


There are many pressing works out there about Hillary, but this is the first one to approach her in a humorous manner. Tough, intelligent, and with a potty mouth like a drunken sailor, Hillary has friends and foes alike across this great nation. This book portrays all sides of her in a light, lively, satirical manner guaranteed to offend a few and bring laughter to the many. Initial reviews from even die hard Democrats have been good. And Republicans are guaranteed to enjoy the veil being lifted and Hillary portrayed for the woman she is! Like her or not, she's a force to be reckoned with. This book does it with vigor!

"Most existing books about Hillary Clinton are written with a definite political agenda; leaning either to the right or to the left. Dick and I worked tirelessly to keep this story neutral; we wanted to embrace her tough, intelligent qualities while also showing off her human side. Yes, believe it or not, she is human when the cameras switch off!

Continuing, "We've been extremely surprised by the reaction from both sides of the political table. Democrats of course love how their cherished hero is portrayed, while Republicans are channeling all of their doubt and releasing it as laughter as we humorously depict the kidnapping, how Washington and the media responds, and how she is rescued."

Readers are also leaving a string of positive reviews. One critic comments, "Wow! This well written book really shows an insider's view of Hillary and the entire Washington scene. The authors clearly know how Washington works, and the humor is both subtle and direct. I laughed endlessly at some of the depictions of events. The ending was a surprise at first, but on reflection it actually shows the way Washington works, particularly when it comes to an uninformed, unaware, and uneducated public."

Fred Gedrich adds, "Dick Carlson and Bill Cowan's `Snatching Hillary' satirical novel is a delightful read. The book is loaded with familiar names and places and keeps the reader in suspense to the very end. Overall, it's a terrific book and an easy read."

'Snatching Hillary', from Tulip Hill Publishing, is available now: http://amzn.to/1ymrmP1

About Dick Carlson
Dick Carlson is a former U.S. Ambassador, the former Director of the Voice of America during the last six years of the Cold War, and a former President and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. He was once a magazine writer and a television correspondent. He is co-host with Bill Cowan of the Danger Zone radio show. He lives with his wife Patricia in Washington, D.C.

About Bill Cowan
Bill Cowan is a retired Marine Corps lieutenant colonel, highly decorated combat veteran with three purple hearts, and Fox News Channel military contributor. He spent most of his professional life engaged in special operations and activities in support of sensitive U.S. government programs. A co-host of the Danger Zone radio show, he lives with his wife Velvet in Mt. Airy, North Carolina.