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Ultriva Identifies Manufacturing Operational Strategies and Tactics


Cupertino, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- Ultriva, the leader in collaborative supply chain solutions, is uniquely positioned to address the solutions to operational strategies and tactics in an environment of variability and volatility. Narayan Laksham, founder and CEO of Ultriva, explained in the company blog, "Ultriva has a built-in architecture that supports each segment of production, storage, and replenishment. Instead of MRP's all or nothing motto in Finished Goods stocking, Ultriva can identify each point where the inventory could be located for optimal performance."

Laksham noted, "Assume the manufacturing company is assembling products and selling through distribution. The assembling may be driven by multitudes of configuration such that it would impossible to stock all FG SKUs in the distribution. The company's supply chain consists of Dealers, Regional Distribution Centers (RDC), Global Distribution Centers (GDC), Assembly plants, component plants and global supply base."

Ultriva will allow the company to size the inventory at each tier of this multi-tier supply chain like Inventory to be carried at the dealers, at the RDCs, at the GDCs, at assembly plants, and at component plants. In addition to identifying inventory carried at each tier, Ultriva will allow the company to increase the tiers to minimize the overall inventory. For example at the assembly plant, the operations manager can break the flow in to semi-finished SKUs for customer configurations or kitting locations in front of the semi-finished assembly area.

To read the entire blog, go to: http://web.ultriva.com/ultriva-blog/bid/103504/Manufacturing-Operational-Strategies-and-Tactics

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Ultriva's (http://www.ultriva.com) cloud-based platform leverages seamlessly integrates with leading ERP and MRP systems, to deliver an end to end pull based replenishment solution. Ultriva, based in Cupertino, CA, implements a global demand driven manufacturing model by providing full visibility, scheduling, and sequencing of production of customer orders. Ultriva was named one of the Great Supply Chain Projects of 2014 by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine and recently named one of 50 Best Supply Chain Blogs of 2014 by SupplyChainOpz. The company's global footprint is increasing rapidly with implementations in wide variety of industry sectors and enterprises such as Magellan Aerospace, CareFusion, Emerson, Ingersoll Rand, McKesson, Triumph Group, Regal Beloit, Thermo Fisher, and more.

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