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Cosmetic Dentist Ventura Hill View Dentist Now Helps Patients Get Their Smile Ready for the Holiday Season

Cosmetic Dentist Ventura Hill View Dentist is now helping patients get their smiles ready for the holiday season. Dental implants, a permanent and stable alternative to traditional dentures and dental bridges, offers several benefits related to their stability, appearance, and support for orofacial structure.


Ventura, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- By visiting Dr. Gregory L. Meier, DDS for this treatment, patients can gain a flawless smile through replacement of their lost teeth. Multiple types of dental implants are available to patients, providing more ways to customize cosmetic dental improvements to lifestyle and goals in preparation for the holidays and the New Year.

Dental implants offer advantages that can vary with the type of implants being used. At the office of Dr. Gregory L. Meier, DDS Cosmetic Dentist Ventura, patients can choose from the following options and benefits:

Full mouth dental implants: Useful for replacing all of the teeth in the mouth instead of using traditional dentures.

Single tooth dental implants: As alternatives to dental bridges, single tooth dental implants stand independently in the jaw bone and do not rely on adjacent teeth for support.

Mini dental implant options: These are similar to full dental implants in their function, but their decreased depth and diameter makes them an option for many patients who are not eligible for full-size dental implants because of reduced jaw bone density. Placement of mini implants often takes only one appointment.

The advantages of dental implants are mainly due to their integration in the jaw bone. Slipping and clicking is never a problem with dental implants, and recipients can brush and floss their implants as if they had only natural teeth. Dental implants help prevent tooth shifting, long-term deterioration of the jaw bone and the destruction of facial appearance that can follow. The cost of dental implants can vary significantly based on factors such as the type of implants chosen and the number of implants required.

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