New Survey Showcases Lack of Website Ownership's newest survey highlights how the majority of people don't own a website


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2014 -- San Francisco, (TBC) newest survey wants to know how many websites people own. The release of their web hosting vertical sparked this new survey question.

"The ability to own and create your own website is so accessible," TBC Content Kate Ward said. "We wanted to see if people were taking advantage of that."

There are many different reasons to own your own website, including business and personal, and the TBC team was interested if people actually owned their own website. A potential follow-up survey could break down the reasons why people are own their own websites.

The survey question asks: "How many websites do you own? (including personal blogs)"

These are the answers with the following percentages:

A.0-70.3 percent
B.1-12.6 percent
C.2-5.9 percent
D.3-3.3 percent
E.4-1.4 percent
F.5 and above-6.5 percent

The majority answer of zero websites had an overwhelming 70.3 percent of the vote. The next closest answer was one website with 12.6 percent. Needless to say, the TBC team was not expecting these results. They assumed the majority of people would have at least one website. Many people have personal blogs and have their own businesses that they thought would factor into this survey.

"With how tech-savvy and entrepreneurial-minded people are, this is not the response we expected," Ward said. "This industry has an opportunity to grow even more."

While the majority own no websites, 6.5 percent own 5 or more websites. This is the third highest response behind owing none or one. This is interesting because it shows that these people clearly have a need to use more than 5 websites. Whether their interests are personal or business related, they have a grasp on owning websites.

The web hosting industry's first goal would be to target those who don't own a website. They could potentially market to them and get a better understanding of why they are not using websites or what they could possibly use websites for.

The other potential target are those who own 5 or more websites. It would be interesting to see why they have so many websites and gain insight to help target other potential clients.

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