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The Nit Nanny Proves Its Reliability in Lice Treatments over OTC Alternatives


Lafayette Hill, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- Just hearing the word lice will leave heads itching for days. Recently, the Center for Disease control announced that there is a new strain of lice, dubbed "super lice," that has developed a resistance to over the counter treatments. Those wondering how they can get rid of these pests will be relieved to hear that The Nit Nanny, unlike the OTC alternatives, is an effective treatment for the strong variety of lice.

When parents look to buy the best treatment for lice, they often choose an expensive over the counter brand, thinking the high price will ensure its effectiveness. Many OTC options rely on pesticides, some of which are not approved by the FDA, to kill the lice and may require multiple treatments. As the lice have become immune to the effects of these pesticides, the OTC options are proving to be ineffective in removing the nits, even after repeated treatments.

While the lice can withstand pesticides, they are unable to develop a resistance to the all-natural ingredients found in The Nit Nanny. The oils used in the product will eliminate all live activity and leave the person noncontagious after ten minutes. Along with killing the lice, the solution works to condition the scalp and hair. The Nit Nanny has proven to effectively remedy the annoyance of lice without harming the hair and scalp.
To get the best results, the company recommends following their four-step program. First, the customer needs to use The Nit Nanny solution to kill the lice. Next, use their mousse to remove the dead lice and eggs from the hair. The third step, using their patented comb, ensures all of the insects and nits are gone. As a final precaution, they recommend spraying the Mint Detangler Spray to prevent lice from returning.

To buy the best treatment for lice for kids, parents can trust The Nit Nanny to get the job done on the first try. Those interested in learning more about the company and their all natural treatment can visit their website.

About The Nit Nanny
The Nit Nanny Product Line treatment for head lice enables customers to effectively eliminate head lice from a child, friend, or family member's hair. The products are free of harmful chemicals and are safe for the whole family to use. These treatments were formulated by the world's largest lice treatment company, Lice Lifters. The owner and creator, Michele Barrack, is a mother who experienced the frustration of head lice with her own children. Lice Lifters has treatment centers throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, with The Nit Nanny products featured in independent pharmacies and beauty supply shops.

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