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Are E-Cigarettes Safe? Everything You Need to Know About

Is Nicotine Safe? The health effects of nicotine on its own are "very similar to drinking coffee" Professor Peter Hayek. ( BBC News 28 April 2014. )


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- It is very difficult to inhale dangerous amounts of e-cigarettes - both smokers and vapers will feel nausea long before they were harming their bodies. They decide how much nicotine they inhale with the depth of each breath. Breathing in nicotine is a very fast way to get the drug into your bloodstream when you want. That's one reason a lot of smokers struggle with 'medicinal' sources of nicotine. With gum the nicotine peaks in the blood long after they put the patch on. So it's not just that the gum fails to produce instant satisfaction, it can create nausea when too much nicotine has been absorbed.*

Nicotine is not a carcinogen. It is a chemical naturally produced from shade plants.

Tobacco Cigarettes Vs. Vaping
Smokeless cigarettes are used to replace traditional tobacco cigarettes. Since e cigarettes isolate nicotine, there are fewer chemical risks evident. Tobacco cigarettes carry around 5,000 chemicals and a few more thousand unknown elements. This fact alone seemingly justifies electronic cigarettes as being a more risk free choice.

Electronic cigarette are not approved by the FDA as a quit smoking aid (nicotine cessation device). However, recent studies have shown that using smokeless cigarettes is not harmful to the heart. More studies are still coming out regarding how healthy ecigs are to the lungs, teeth & throat.

Is Eliquid Harmful?

Risks of ingesting eliqud
The potential risks from accidentally drinking nicotine liquid were highlighted by the New York Times. In a front page story the paper said there had been 1,300 reports of accidental poisoning in the United States over the previous year. Yet none of these accidents produced fatalities. The paper failed to mention that there had been 12,000 reports of toothpaste 'poisoning' and 70,000 cases of suspected vitamin overdoses. So if any politician wants to ban e-liquid then they have got to answer the toothpaste question first. And definitely ban vitamins.*

In the vast majority of cases of ingestion there is no lasting harm as the human body metabolizes the nicotine quickly - half of its is gone within 2 hours. To date the only fatalities have been reported are of an Israeli toddler who was said to have swallowed an e-liquid capsule and an American adult who committed suicide by injecting nicotine liquid. Tragedies - but absolutely no justification for taking away e-cigarettes from millions of smokers who are using to help them switch. Society should ban household bleach and plastic bags long before e-cigarettes. Child proof locks and commonsense are the answer not bans.*

What About Propylene Glycol?
The ingredient propylene glycol is a clear and odorless solution derived from the petroleum family and used in ecigarettes as a carrier humectant to bind and dilute nicotine. It acts as a stabilizer to vaporize the e liquid solution when heated by the electronic cigarette atomizer. Propylene glycol is recognized as safe by the FDA and is found in many common household ingredients such as: medical inhalers, cake frosting, toothpaste, energy drinks, medical inhalers, mouth wash and acts as a solvent in food coloring and flavoring.

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