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TN Ladder Co Takes Aim at Improving Stepladder Steps


Maryville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- Matthew Ladders of Maryville, TN is Shooting Holes in Ladder Safety™.  The company Chairman/CEO, M.S. Matthew, is a cowboy at heart with a penchant for guns, hot rods and developing innovative tools and processes.  M.S. Matthew's latest project is making it safer and more comfortable to work with stepladders. The company's most recent ladder safety invention to hit the market is Safe Step® .

Matthew Ladders recently released a video for their top selling ladder tool, Safe Step®.  Safe Step® is an 8x12 inch extruded aluminum working platform that easily snaps on to most stepladder steps to give the ladder user a more comfortable and secure footing.  Most people need to hold on to the ladder with their hands to secure themselves when working on a stepladder. Safe Step® helps alleviate the constant problem of trying to balance on a three inch stepladder step while using your hands to perform a task. Removing the balancing act on a stepladder step can also help reduce lower back pain because the ladder user may now stand in an ergonomic position and it can keep the ladder user from painfully driving their shins into the ladder for leverage.

As an accompaniment to the new Safe Step® video and in the spirit of holiday sales, Matthew Ladders has discounted all regular priced items by 30% when adding the coupon videodiscount to their shopping cart on the website . The sale will continue until the end of December. Other discounted items worth noting are popular ladder levelers and ladder stabilizers like Ladder Lock , a clamping tool that secures extension ladders to roof gutters.

M.S. Matthew continues creating ladder safety products.  The crown jewel of the product line is yet to be released. Safe Ladder® is scheduled to launch in early 2015.  Also known as Matthew Ladders "World's Safest Stepladder"®, this innovative safety stepladder has industrial safety experts, commercial ladder users and Do-It –Yourselfers watering at the mouth.

Safe Ladder® is the first stepladder designed with the climber's safety first and foremost.  The American Journal of preventative Medicine reported that between the years 1990 and 2005 over 2.1 million people were treated in hospital emergency rooms for reportable ladder related injuries. Most stepladder accidents occur when the climber reaches out to the side of the ladder and the ladder suddenly slips out from underneath the climber.  Matthew Ladders has cocked their guns and are ready to shoot this ladder flaw down.

Although the design for Safe Ladder® is yet to be released, the company has had the product tested and the ladder has proven to be very difficult to tip over.  Safe Ladder® is expected to be the sturdiest and most stable stepladder made.   Moreover the simplicity in its design begs the question, "Why don't all stepladders utilize this technology?"

Matthew Ladders hopes to continue "Shooting Holes in Ladder Safety" when Safe Ladder® becomes available to the public.

About Matthew Ladders
Matthew Ladders is a forward thinking company that invents and manufactures Safe Ladder Products. The company crown jewel, Safe Ladder®, is expected to be available to the public in early 2015.  The TN ladder manufacturer is also responsible for the creation and management of Steps For A Family, a charity focused on assisting children and families through charitable giving events and disaster recovery efforts.

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