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Announcing the New Release of the Medical Thriller 'For I Am with You'


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- The fear of pandemics is common, and most people have followed the story of Ebola and other viruses with great interest and concern.  However, For I Am With You, the new novel by Judy Haar, takes this fear much deeper.  It concerns a virus that is sentient with a plan to destroy the entire human race by waging battle with the soul.

Judy Haar captures her readers with her unique voice by portraying the deepest, darkest secrets of a unique epidemic.  This is the story of a virus that is more than one billion years old and has the power to infiltrate the spiritual essence of mankind.  The story of this contagion and the war against it is a page-turner that will speak both to fans of realistic medical fiction and those who want their suspense laced with the supernatural.

Jenna Miller, Ph.D., is a virologist working at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention when she stumbles upon the unthinkable:  a new, directed  virus that is concealed within an Ebola outbreak.  She learns of an unimaginable, living and thinking virus whose mission is to merge  with the human race and send its progeny to invade souls in order to triumph, at last, over humankind.  Jenna and her team of virus hunters have only a short time to stop this incredible plague from ending mankind forever.  Will they succeed?

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About Judy Haar
Judy Haar is a nuclear chemist who has traveled the world. Working with viruses as part of her work, she gained a respect for this field of study.  While her background is in science, she has always loved writing and has spent many years creating articles  for magazines on marketing and branding.  She also teaches courses on writing and has published eBooks on short fiction, medical thrillers and marketing strategies such as color and branding.  She currently writes for ezines on nuclear subjects.  Her new book For I Am With You combines her interest in virology with a suspenseful fiction story line.

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