Donna Tozzi Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for a Groundbreaking Peptide Injectable for the Aesthetic Industry

The Tozzi Peptide Injectable is the only skin revitalizer with both anti-aging and peptide technology available in the United States.


Matawan, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- The TOZZI Peptide Injectable revolutionizes the Aesthetic Industry with its entry into the injectable skin revitalizer sector of the beauty industry. Facial mesotherapy is well established in Europe where product research of injectables based on amino acids is fully developed and well documented. The Tozzi Peptide Injectable is the 'missing link' in the Chain of anti-aging modalities. Skin revitalizer injectables are one of the top treatments of choice for celebrities all over the world. For the majority of the world's population that is not famous, consumer demand for natural skin treatments and related beauty products is on the rise.

Previously, Ms. Tozzi's Institute in Palm Beach Fl was flourishing as was her standing in the industry when cancer struck her and halted her business. Along with her fiancé and business partner, Steven Paul Crystal, who met at the time she was diagnosed, they created The Tozzi Collection to provide paraben and sulfate-free skincare and hair care products made with Peptide Technology. The Tozzi Peptide Injectable provides AminoPeptides, antioxidants and is hydration rich in a preservative free/ Ph balanced formula. In addition, all the components in the patent-pending formula are all natural and are FDA approved. The injectable itself is prepared at our designated compound pharmacy in California.

The result is a fresh, toned, brighter and revitalized appearance immediately after treatment that other aesthetic injectables on the US market simply cannot deliver. Peptide technology has moved to the forefront of anti-aging skincare and in response to market demand, The Tozzi Peptide Injectable delivers younger, healthier skin in a risk-free, all-natural way as it treats the whole face as well as the neck, décolleté and the back of the hands. This establishes a foundation for aesthetic procedures as well.

Crowdfunding is sought for $100,000 to allow for production, promotion, media promotion and public relations campaign as well as a nationwide distribution network. Their revolutionary injectable is market ready and ready for national rollout.

Backers of this crowdfunding campaign will receive their individual treatment with Donna Tozzi personally in coordination with a designated medical professional in the greater Southern California area. For contributors outside of California, special arrangements will be made. Other perks include access to Donna's entire line of skincare and hair care products.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on January 3, 2014.

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About Donna Tozzi
Donna Marie Tozzi RN, BSN is a Pioneer and Inventor in the Aesthetic Medical Industry. Donna Tozzie's Passion for Classic Skincare Beauty has been influenced by her extensive training in Milan, Italy and through her Practice at The Tozzi Institute in Palm Beach, Fl. Donna is well established in the Industry with accolades in publications such as NewBeauty, InStyle, Elle and Lucky.