EzPaycheck Payroll Software Gives Businesses an Easy Solution to Printing Tax Form

EzPaycheck business payroll software offers customers a new option for printing forms W2, W3, 941 and 940 in house. Download at http://www.halfpricesoft.com without obligation.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- Engineered for small business employers, ezPaycheck payroll software simplifies payroll tax calculation and paycheck printing. It also streamlines the year-end tax reporting for busy employers. To open this paycheck software to more small businesses, Halfpricesoft.com annouced the $20 discount promotion for customers who plan to switch ezPaycheck payroll software this fall. A quick start guide on how to switch payroll software in mid year was also posted on halfpricesoft.com.

"2014 EzPaycheck payroll software is now affordable to small business owners in order to process payroll quickly and easily with a $20 discount offer. " said Dr. Ge, the founder of halfpricesoft.com.

To help smal businesses switch to computerized payroll software at the end of year, Halfpricesoft.com has just released a new bundle version for years 2014 and 2015. This means customer's get two software years for one low price! As a limited time offer, we encourage business owners to download and start year to date payroll for 2014 immediately and have the updated software for 2015 when it is released at a special bundle cost of 119.00, a savings of $59.00.

EzPaycheck business payroll software is an innovative application catering to to small and mid size business owners new to payroll processing. The easy to use and inexpensive graphical interface allows customers to print the latests W2, W3 forms as well as start payroll mid year, all within one software application.

Customers seeking a way to simplify payroll processing with more accuracy can go online to http://halfpricesoft.tekplusllc.com/ezPaycheck.asp and download the payroll accounting software. The download includes the full version of the paycheck software along with a sample database. The sample database allows new customers to try all of ezPaycheck's exciting features, including the intuitive graphical interface, without wasting time entering data.

Small Businesses are always looking for ways to save money on payroll processing and tax reporting. Customers can try out this new ezPaycheck payroll solution for 30 days at http://www.halfpricesoft.com/payroll_software_download.asp, with no obligation and risk.

Payroll software saves money for business owners and HR staff
Outsourcing payroll is an unnecessary and expensive cost for business owners. By processing in house, customer's save time and money.

Customers can easily print W2, W3, 940 and 941 forms, in house. Eliminating tax preparation professionals.

ezPaycheck allows customers to print on blank check stock. Eliminating the need for expensive pre-printed bank checks.

Payroll software at $89.00 per calendar year ( including updates within that year), means an incredible price for new or seasoned employers.

Payroll software is flexible enough to handle varied employees and businesses
EzPaycheck supports salary, hourly-rate, commission, tips, and customized wages (such as pay-by-piece, pay-by-stop and pay-by-mileage)

Payroll software that can support federal and state taxes and deductions, and local taxes (such as SDI, occupational tax, city tax).

This application provides flexible tax options for W2/1099 employees, and unique requirements of churches & non-profits employees.

ezPaycheck payroll software is compatible and affordable for small to midsized businesses. Halfpricesoft.com offers a no risk 30 day trial period to test the software for your specific business payroll requirements. The only limitation to the trial version is that it prints "trial" on checks until the key is purchased. Otherwise, it is fully functional. Halfpricesoft.com also offers no cost customer support during and after the trial period for customer satisfaction.

To learn more how to do more for less with ezPaycheck 2014 and 2015 bundle version visit http://halfpricesoft.tekplusllc.com/ezPaycheck.asp

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