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My NH Attorney Launches Divorce Rights Awareness Efforts to Thwart Victimization

Being well informed of their rights can prevent New Hampshire residents from leaving a marriage with less than they are entitled to, publishes


Concord, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates the annual basic cost of living for one American to be $20,000 compounded by that amount for each child in a given household. While many 2 and 3 income families struggle to meet the growing prices of housing, utilities and other necessities, these financial hardships are intensified for single parents. With such difficulties in mind, John Watkins of My NH Attorney,, has launched the New Hampshire law firm's latest efforts to increase awareness of individuals' rights in the face of divorce.

Watkins elaborated, "Divorce is a trying situation for everyone despite the circumstances leading up to that point. In some cases, we see one party insisting on taking all the couple's assets while intimidating the other party into conceding to these demands. Some parents are afraid to assert their full custody rights to ensure the well-being of their children. At the same time, plenty of misconceptions are circulating in regards to the situations in which spousal support can be granted and just how the amounts are calculated. This leaves countless people leaving a marriage with much less than they're entitled to both physically and financially."

Though pain, anger and a range of other emotions often cloud parents' judgment where child custody is concerned, many parents bear valid reasons for requesting limitations on children's contact with a former spouse. Proof of abuse or violent tendencies is typically required before being granted a restraining order or other drastic measures, but full custody can be granted to one parent on far lesser grounds. Simply establishing a history of questionable judgment or willing failure to provide for the family may be reason enough for a judge to grant strictly supervised or discretionary visitation.

Spousal and child support will be calculated based on the financial situations and living circumstances of both parents with favor typically given to the parent with sole or primary custody. Despite legally binding court orders pertaining to support, many fail to meet their responsibilities. While legal ramifications exist for these actions, the party responsible for paying is often able to evade the legal system to an extent. By contacting an attorney through, single parents can gain assistance in enforcing any court ordered financial support.

Consulting with a family law attorney is always advised before agreeing to asset division. Many couples choose to divide property equally, but extensive rights pertain to this facet of divorce as well. Custodial parents or stay-at-home spouses may be allowed to retain ownership of the family home at the full or partial expense of the other spouse.

Division of assets vary according to each couple's circumstances, but additional insight into this matter can be gained via the attorney contact portal found at

Concluded Watkins, "Our goal is to ensure no one enters into a divorce agreement without first being fully aware oftheir rights. Building a new life is difficult for anyone, especially when you're starting over with nothing. This is why we want to guarantee those in our area have the opportunity to gain everything they're entitled to. The legal end results of a divorce vary by case, but no one should start over with less than necessary."

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