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Easy Games Studio to Launch Latest Game Application Ninja Turtle Nachos


Copenhagen, Denmark -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- Easy Games Studio has officially announced the launching of their newest and exciting game application called Ninja Turtle Nachos. The game application has just been released and is available on Apple's app store.

With the development of Ninja Turtle Nachos Easy Games Studio seeks for continuous innovation so that they can meet expectations of their app players and customers. Official launching of this game application aims to provide exciting and fun game applications to the people who are fond of playing different game application on their iPhone or iPad.

Ninja Turtle Nachos is an exciting, fun and interesting puzzle game with nachos and visuals. Ninja Turtle Nachos comes with three worlds and 16 levels in each world. The game play of Ninja Turtle Nachos is challenging and exciting. Players need to help the hungry Ninja Turtle get some delicious nachos. This tiny Ninja Turtle is fond of eating nachos instead of eating pizzas like the famous Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. To feed Ninja Turtle, the players need to pass all the challenges in this fun puzzle game to get nachos. All in all, the game has 48 challenging, exciting and fun puzzle levels.

Getting three throwing stars is the main goal for players on each level. Completing and passing each level of the game will lead players to obtain three throwing stars. Collecting these three stars will allow players to upgrade to the next world, with new exciting challenges. The game play of Ninja Turtle Nachos is fun and easy however getting perfect score is challenging for even hardcore gamers. Ninja Turtle Nachos aims to challenge player's patience and dedication to complete each level. Aside from getting more nachos, players should avoid letting his or her Ninja Turtle feeling hungry.

Playing Ninja Turtle Nachos would be a great activity that game app players can do during their free time, waiting for the bus or just killing time.

About Easy Games Studio
Easy Games Studio is a small independent game application developer studio that aims to provide excellent game applications for players who want to play exciting, challenging and fun games. The release of Easy Games Studio's latest game application proves that they seek for innovative ways of meeting expectations of their game app players.

For more details about Easy Games Studio and their latest game application, Ninja Turtle Nachos, feel free to visit www.easygamesstudio.com or http://easygamesstudio.com/app/ninja-turtle-nachos/.

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