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Earth's Best Pest Control Publishes New Guide on Identifying Bedbug Infestations

Earth’s Best Pest Control serves central Florida with environmentally responsible pesticides, and has published new material helping customers old and new in identifying the signs of a Bedbug infestation.


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- Bedbugs have become something of an epidemic in North America, where conditions are ideal for them to thrive. In winter, the temperate climes of Central Florida provide the ideal haven for bedbugs, and homeowners must be vigilant for the signs of an infestation. To help people identify the signs of infestations early, pest control company Earth's Best has published a new editorial that helps people identify the key signs of an infestation, together with information on using their products and services to effectively combat the problem.

The new guide shares the top four signs of a bedbug problem, including evidence of disposed exoskeletons left behind by maturing bedbugs, stains on the mattress from blood and fecal matter, red patches on the skin that are inflamed and itchy, and moving black particles that prove the bedbugs themselves are active.

The article then describes the way in which Earth's Best Pest Control services can provide the best and most effective means to destroy such an infestation without the need for toxic and hazardous chemical agents, instead using concentrated, naturally derived materials to create a comprehensive solution.

A spokesperson for Earth's Best Pest Control explained, "The new guide is designed to make sure that people know how to correctly and quickly identify a bedbug infestation, allowing them to take fast action to eradicate the problem before it overtakes the home. Bedbugs are small but infuriating creatures and can have a profound effect on quality of life. Our services however are one of the only ways to avoid the disruption of fumigation, which would be a sure-fire way to ruin Christmas. Our naturally derived pesticides are dog and child friendly, and completely effective in wiping out bedbugs."

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