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Best Gift Idea for Him and Her This Christmas (2014) and Beyond

Blog post reveals how increased self-esteem and confidence are the greatest gifts you can bestow on your loved ones


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- Once again, Christmas is around the corner, but the usual gifts of toys, clothing and make-up might not be the best gifts that you can give to your loved ones, if a recent blog post on is to be believed.

According to the blog post entitled "What To Give Your Loved Ones For Christmas 2014", the best gifts that you can bestow on your loved ones – not just for this Christmas but for many Christmases beyond – are the gifts of confidence and self-esteem.

When asked about the content of his post, author and ex-teacher, Lin-Cher Lee, 42, had this to say:

"When people think about Christmas, they think of fanciful gifts in the likes of toys, electronic gadgets and jewellery. What many people forget is that Christmas is the story of love, and the ultimate act of love you can do for your loved ones is to imbibe in them the sense of self-belief and self-worth."

According to Lee, confidence and self-esteem are the twin qualities that separate the achievers from the masses, and these are also the character traits that differentiate between the good and the great.

If confidence and self-esteem are paramount, how should one go about helping his or her loved ones gain that all-important self-belief and self-worth?

There are many ways to accomplish this, and some of the more common methods include the use of affirmations, going for motivational seminars and practising visualisation.

And while all these methods work to a certain degree, the most effective alternative – from Lee's viewpoint – is to build and accumulate vast reserves of Qi (Ch'i) in the belly or hara.

"Most methods rely on the use of the conscious mind to subdue the natural, self-sabotaging tendencies of the subconscious mind. And much like trying to battle the urge to over-indulge in chocolates or sweet drinks, the conscious mind – almost – always fails since it is fighting an 'invisible' enemy."

Working on one's Qi (Ch'i), however, will allow one to resolve the issues of a lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem from deep within, putting one on a forward path of self-discovery and realisation.

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