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EFOR: A Waterless Device for Removing Foreign Objects from the Eye


Edgewater Park, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2014 -- If you've ever had dust, dirt or other debris in your eye, you know what a frustrating – and sometimes painful – experience that can be. Flushing water into the eye doesn't always work and can even make the situation worse.

Linwood Cutchins, an entrepreneur from Edgewater Park, N.J., has a better answer.

Cutchins has invented EFOR, an eye foreign object removal device. It uses eye gentle suction instead of water or other, abrasive techniques. The EFOR device ( removes what water can't, and does it safely.

The system comes in stationary, portable, and battery-operated versions that can be used anywhere. In addition, it can relieve eye tension following a day of looking at computer monitors for extended periods of time.

The EFOR device is useful in a wide range of different scenarios, including the home, office, construction sites, medical offices and fire stations. It can be powered by solar cells, batteries or regular electrical outlets.

"We're hoping to have an EFOR device on every fire truck and EMT kit in America as well as workplaces and offices," said Cutchins. "It enables users to treat sharp objects in eye on the scene. The device is small enough to keep in your home and there is a portable version, too."

At this time, the EFOR device has a patent pending and exists as a prototype. Cutchins is seeking $500,000 in additional funding to create more prototypes, then manufacture and market this invention. He is also developing a line of accessories for the consumer system, such as replacement filters, tubing replacements, and cleaning fluids.

In order to generate this start-up capital, he has launched an Indiegogo campaign, which can be viewed at

Donations of any amount are welcome.  Those who donate $2,000 or more will receive an invitation to become an investor.

"By using the EFOR device, you'll experience no irritation and avoid costly doctor and emergency room visits," Cutchins said. "It will save time and money and lead to healthier eyes."

For additional information, visit; the EFOR website,; or the Cutchins's Facebook page,

Cutchins can be reached directly at

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