Carbon Cycle Crush

Carbon Cycle Crush Is Providing High Quality and Environmentally Friendly Bio Based Lubricants


Spokane, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- Carbon Cycle Crush, a Canola oil producer, is providing high-quality and environmentally-friendly bio-based lubricant. The company works with a vision to rebalance the cycle of carbon in agricultural communities. The carbon atoms are essential blocks for building life on earth. It is a cycle which starts from the atmosphere, to all the living things, the earth, and then goes back to the atmosphere and water. The company does not consider the cycle to be balanced at this time, and thus they work toward meeting the requirement of oil, meal and crop seeds in a proper sustainable process.

For the production of oil, this Canola oil producer purchases seeds which are food-grade, off-grade and minimum heated seeds with the moisture content at less than 9%. The seeds are further crushed and the by-products that are obtained such as meal and oil are sold. These by-products are sold to manufacturers of bio-fuels, food products, high-fat animal fodder, and expeller-pressed Canola oil.

Talking more about the company and their bulk Canola oil extraction, one of the representatives of Carbon Cycle Crush stated, "We literally wring the oil out of the seed at our crush facilities — there are no added steps or chemical (hexane) extraction processes used to procure our expeller-pressed canola oil. No excessive heat is used during the extraction process, so all the natural benefits are left intact. For bio-fuel (like bio diesel) and bio-based lubricant buyers, this is especially important because the oil's long-chain polymers maintain their natural characteristics. The end product is an all-natural, high-quality expeller-pressed canola oil with increased lubricity."

About Carbon Cycle Crush
Carbon Cycle Crush was founded by Tim King and Ryan Skinner as a replicable and sustainable business model for agricultural communities, and it's a critically important business within the CCI family of brands. CCC's presence in a community creates jobs, drives consistent and reliable demand for oil-seed crops and introduces sustainable business practices that stimulate economic growth, foster social equality and accelerate environmental stewardship.

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