Stealth 1 Technology Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for THERE IT IS! the Non-GPS Personal Item Locator

The simplest & fastest way to locate misplaced valuable personal items without GPS.


Hercules, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- Research has revealed "THERE IT IS!" is unique in the industry of personal items location (e.g. keys, phones, tablets, purses, etc.) because it does not use GPS technology to work. We live in a world where there are so many items of personal importance that require us to determine their location at any given moment– such as under furniture, in our desk drawer, in our book bag, between our car seats, etc. The search distracts all of us from more important things that need our attention in our day to day lives. When a set of keys can't be located or a smartphone can't be located, life comes to a halt. THERE IT IS! is a simple solution to a serious problem.

About Stealth 1 Technology
Stealth 1 Technology designed a device that allows anyone to locate anything important to them quickly. THERE IT IS! transmitter is easily attached to any important item and unnoticeable when not in use. When searching for an item, simply push a button on the transmitter and it fires up the receiver which then lights up and sounds off making the item easy to locate. Other companies have attempted to remedy the ever growing issue of locating misplaced items by using GPS technology. They have only succeeded in approximately locating lost or misplaced personal items over a large, ambiguous area. However, THERE IT IS! uses a technology that employs an audio agent as well as a visual agent that determines the location of the item with 100% precision every time.

Even though most of us couldn't imagine being separated from our cell phone, laptop, tablet or car keys for even just a few minutes, we would be completely lost if we couldn't find it. GPS comes up short on precise location whereas THERE IT IS! makes finding misplaced gadgets fast and easy with just a push of a button.

The crowdfunding goal of $20,000 will allow Stealth 1 Technology to roll out mass production of THERE IT IS!, obtain required FCC licensure, as well as increase sales and marketing to promote awareness of this groundbreaking technology.

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