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Encore Image Launches Neon Signs to Enhance Retail and Corporate Branding

Encoreimage.com showcases the vast assortment of neon signs available for businesses of all sizes.


Ontario, Canada -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- Writing for the daily entrepreneur magazine "Gaebler.com" news reporter Ken Gaebler offers tips to business owners, and anyone else interested in joining the business world. Ken Gaebler advises, "Neon signs have been a great addition to the American advertising landscape. Once seen as an omnipresent aspect of any business, this colorful form of signage is still available and highly effective. The use of neon signs in today's business world can still offer many distinct benefits."

Ken points out why neon signs have distinct advantages over other forms of signage. "Neon signs are visible from a greater distance and can draw the attention of those both on the street and driving by in traffic. While traditional signs generally need to be replaced every five years, a well engineered neon sign usually lasts between eight to fifteen years. Custom made neon signs also offer your business a degree of individuality and will lead to increased awareness with consumers."

Meeting the needs of business owners who desire custom neon signs to their retail signage and corporate branding, is the Encore Image company of Ontario, CA. Company spokesperson Chet Wilkens expresses their mission in this way, "At Encore Image, we create and craft a diverse assortment of neon signage for the world of business and architecture. Neon offers a unique degree of identity to the retail branding and corporate process. Our clients report to us that the neon signage designed by Encore Image has allowed them to establish themselves as an original force and fierce competitor in their marketplace."

Chet Wilkins continues, "The Ontario CA monument signs our company has designed, have been engineered to achieve the ultimate in visuality and creative impact. Along with our distinctive brand of original design, each neon sign we work on is well-fabricated and engineered for the utmost in longevity. No matter the size of a project, we are proud to provide the highest standards of our industry from initial conception to the final stages of on-site installation."

Neon Image has also established themselves as a company that is willing to go the extra mile for all of its clients. Chet further explains, "The design and engineering services we provide to our clients can not be under-estimated. With over sixty years of experience designing neon elements and building entire signs, we know that the details do not end with creative design."

Spokesperson Chet Wilkins elaborates, "Neon signage requires permits for it to exist. Most frustrating for business owners is the fact that often the most effective visual forms of creativity tend to encounter more restrictions from local government. The team at Neon Image will work with clients to make sure the necessary permits and all variance issues have been properly approved. There is no limit to the level of services we provide to our clients in terms of design, manufacture and complete determination to obtain government procurement."

About Encore Image
With over sixty years of experience, Encore Image has created and designed custom neon signs to the highest limits of the signage industry. This company believes that superior visuality can be achieved using neon and neon elements. Known for their work on architectural, retail and corporate signs, the team at Encore Image works with businesses of all sizes. They bring a high degree of professional engineering to every sign, lighting and architectural project they undertake for their diverse group of clients.