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InTouch CRM Announces Simple Marketing Automation for Ambitious Small Businesses announces additional email automation systems that can help small businesses to capture entry sales leads as they occur.


Weston-Super-Mare, North Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2014 -- The power of marketing automation has been well known for some time by the canniest of small business owners and professional online direct marketers. However, it has mainly been out of reach for most small businesses due to the complexity and cost associated with the leading marketing automation systems.

Instead they are left with simple newsletter email marketing and a separate simple CRM that isn't used to its fullest.

Already known for their low price integrated mix of small business CRM and email marketing, InTouch has launched a new set of automation features that challenges the marketing automation space and opens it up to many small businesses.

No longer will small businesses need a dedicated resource or be required to make a huge investment in set up and monthly fees. Simple Automation, as announced by InTouch, instead, focuses on the 20% of features and activity that, if set up right, will deliver 80% of the value for any small business who is serious about growing their business through better customer engagement.

According to spokesperson Greg Black, meeting the needs of companies that want the competitive edge that comes with automated sales and marketing services is the backbone of InTouch CRM. Black goes on to explain how they can assist any business, "We believe that our automated campaigns help nurture new prospects that go into sales funnels. InTouch CRM gives businesses the ability to set up useful automated marketing and sales funnels using fully automated sales and marketing campaigns. Prospects can be added into sales and marketing campaigns from a range of different marketing channels, including the web, in-store, off-line and even over the phone. These systems perform a myriad of tasks that keep costs low and require minimal maintenance, as they do not require staff members to actively run them."

Greg Black continues, "With our services in place, automated emails are just one element of InTouch's powerful marketing automation. Small businesses in particular benefit greatly from automated email marketing. This allows them to take advantage of sales at the point of entry level without the use of extensive personnel. Using our automated systems, small businesses have the ability to capture leads as they occur and make sure contacts are recorded for future sales possibilities."

"We are very proud to launch our Simple Sales CRM and Email Marketing Automation series. This adds new aspects of functionality to our InTouch CRM system for the small business owner. Our clients are now able to further integrate their email marketing efforts, sales data management and a variable plethora of other business tasks. This lets email automation advance their customer follow up and communications." Greg adds, "Our clients repeatedly tell us that email marketing remains one of the most successful methods for communicating with their current consumer base and potential customers. We agree, as your customer email lists can form a major part of your marketing and sales endeavors.

Greg Black concludes, "When email is used correctly as part of your marketing strategy, consumers begin to look forward to receiving emails from your company. This adds a significant value to your business relationship with them and a basis for long term branding to occur."

About InTouch CRM
The InTouch CRM is an online system assisting companies in managing their sales and maintaining relationships with their customer base. With use of this online system, all of one's customers can be kept in one singular space without the need to constantly install and update existing software. InTouch CRM has fully integrated systems so that small businesses can market using their email systems to both new and current customers. Using automation features, InTouch CRM users can effectively target their audience and enhance profits.