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Cadence to Glory: As Culture of Hostility Booms, Young Author's Authentic Revolution-Era Novel Showcases Liberty & Spirit from Which 'We' Rose

Masterfully crafted by Dr. Mary Beth Dearmon, ‘Cadence to Glory: A Novel of the American Revolution’ takes readers to the eve of the American Revolution, as two lovers face their own battles against families that are politically opposed. Personal ideologies collide as their rivaling backgrounds threaten to send their destinies in equally-opposite directions. But can love help them find neutrality? And, if so, what message does this send to an America currently plagued by an epidemic of divisiveness? Dr. Dearmon’s narrative has bold lessons for society, told through a coming-of-age adventure that readers won’t be forgetting any time soon.


Birmingham, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/10/2014 -- There really is no other way to phrase it – the United States currently finds itself caught in a vortex of disagreement, hostility and an almost-active effort by millions to divide the population. While many politicians and social scientists are stuck for ideas, one young Alabama-based physician and author hopes to help ground the nation by reminding citizens of their roots.

'Cadence to Glory: A Novel of the American Revolution' showcases the spirit from which the Stars and Stripes were built; the sacrifices made for the Liberty that is every person's inalienable right, but under threat of extinction. Everything is told through a coming-of-age love story that serves as a microcosm of the nation's unity.


The year is 1773, and rumors of revolution abound. The return of the wealthy Eton family to Williamsburg, Virginia, however, briefly distracts the town's elite. The youngest Eton son, Thomas, thus reunites with Priscilla Parr, his childhood friend and the now-cynical daughter of a proud Loyalist family. Thomas learns to admire her scathing wit while Priscilla finds herself drawn to his ambitious idealism. He soon introduces her to the radical principles of liberty, the fuel of the colonial rebellion. On the eve of Revolution, however, fate turns against the young lovers, whose families are politically opposed. As the ideological forces within her own home begin to parallel the clash between Britain and the Colonies, Priscilla is unexpectedly faced with a dangerous decision between two rivaling ideals - and destinies. Set against a backdrop of intrigue, espionage, treachery, and romance, "Cadence to Glory" thus chronicles the deepening schism within the Parr family. By exploring the ancient conflicts between youth and age, conviction and neutrality, self-interest and principle, the novel speculates that liberty itself is as natural and inevitable as the coming of age.

This isn't just a story, but an opportunity for readers to transport themselves back to the late 18th Century. It's an extremely authentic narrative that was written to reflect the Colonial speech patterns and vocabulary of the day. This makes it so radically different from anything else on the market.

"It's incredibly unifying for us to recall that from which we have arisen, and the struggles endured to get here," explains Dearmon, an Internal Medicine physician practicing in Birmingham, Alabama, at the impressively young age of only twenty-eight. "Our roots lie in fierce debate, but social and political shifts from the past few years do threaten to place us on a slippery backward slope. The goal of this novel, aside from entertainment, is to help people once again remember the foundation of their country, embrace our collective spirit, and do their part to unify us once again."

With the novel's popularity set to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

'Cadence to Glory: A Novel of the American Revolution' is available now: http://amzn.to/1vFCWrp.
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About Dr. Mary Beth Dearmon
Having graduated from medical residency in June 2014 at the age of 28, Dr. Mary Beth Dearmon is currently working as an Internal Medicine physician with UAB Medical West clinics in Birmingham, AL. A 2003 National Merit Scholar, she has a passion for literature, history, art, travel, and yoga. The inspiration for her debut novel, "Cadence to Glory: A Novel of the American Revolution," sprang from a trip to Colonial Williamsburg as a child -- in 1996. She lives with an adorable Maltese puppy named Sissi.